Can- Or Do Accounts Count? Are Accountants Relevant in Today’s Digital World?

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Can- Or Do Accounts Count?

Can – or Do Accounts Count? Are Accountants Relevant in Today?s Digital World?
Basically, accounts are records of financial statements that are stored in order to monitor the financial flow in organizations or companies among others. In conjunction to this, accountants are individuals specialized in carrying out accounting tasks such as auditing among other financial related functions. They work professionally in order to meet their set up objectives. Therefore, Mr. Lynn Turner who is a professional in accounting gives out an awesome speech regarding the accounting professional. Generally, in regards to the speech, an accountant should meet some legal requirements in order to be allowed to work. The government agencies in reliance with the Supreme Court should approve an accountant in order to make sure that qualified and best accountants are situated in business fields.
Following this, accountants are important in today’s digital world. The individuals in the field of accounting have been widely utilized in business fields such as in banks and companies. Through this, they facilitate in enhancing proper financial management through which effective business operation is made possible. The company’s Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) depend a lot on the accountants in order to access the financial statements of a company which enables the managers in giving out the bonuses. In addition, the effectiveness of an accountant in carrying out their duties is normally facilitated by the incorporation of technology in their work. The accountants normally use computers and calculators among other technological gadgets with the aim of providing accurate and reliable financial statements in fields such as banks.
Moreover, accountants should possess certain trait in carrying out their tasks. Their relationship to the management and public should be cultivated. As a result, trust in their work will be upheld and a lot of people including investors will have confidence in incorporating them into the business operation. Also, accountants should maintain professional standards including being truthful in preparing the financial statements of the company. In addition, business trends should be understandable by the accountants which will in return keep them aware of what is happening in the business world. The awareness may assist them in knowing what the digital world in expecting from them. Also, the professionals in accountant have to be ambitious in promoting their profession for better results in their work.
Ideally, maintaining the professional standards by an accountant is one of the crucial factors as far as this profession is concerned. It may involve the accountants practicing ethical behavior in carrying out their duties which normally uphold their integrity in their work. Following this, the accountant should act accordingly in regards to the rules and regulations guiding their professional. In this case, accountants should be truthful and honest, for instance, in presenting the financial statements to the organization management.
In addition, accountants should fully protect their professional by keeping their professional knowledge and skills to their level best. Through this, clients and their employers will manage to have competent individuals in practice of this professional. Therefore, the public at large will have confidence in assigning the accountants work since acting ethically will equip them with professional knowledge and skills. Also, in conducting themselves, personal traits should be put in place such as having courtesy, respect among other personal traits. It would facilitate the creation of good relationships in the management and the public at large. The practice of any unethical behavior by accountants may put a great threat as far as this professional is concerned. The public may lack trust in their work and the company having unethical accountants may be prone to losses since such people are likely to give the wrong financial statements which may mislead the business managers in decision making.
In conclusion, accounts count and the accounting professional is relevant in today’s digital world as far as business operation is concerned. The accounting profession has consumed many people who are working as accountants in many business related fields which create employment on many individuals who may be likely to be unemployed. Following this, the effectiveness of accountants has facilitated the growth of companies through proper financial management. Finally, accountants should maintain high professional standards in order to continue making this professional relevant and respectable by business personnel and the public.

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