“Cave of Forgotten Dreams” Is a Documentary Directed by Werner Herzog



Cave of forgotten dreams

Cave of forgotten dreams is a film about the Chauvet caves located close to the commune of d’Arc on a cliff of limestone above the bed of Ardeche River, in Gorges de ardeche of the southern France (Herzog, 2010). Beside paintings, a variety of other things are found which include prints markings from a variety of animals, fossilized remains and human evidence such as skulls. Charred remains of ancient hearths and carbon smoke stains were also found (Herzog, 2010).
According to Herzog (2010), the cave in the film enriches scientists with knowledge about the discoveries in the anthropology work through discovery of animal remains in it. Based on creative work on the cave we appreciate the effort of our ancestors who actively participated on the on creative work of painting and drawing. The study of the cave leads to positive impact towards the cultural ministry by showing the people found on scientific discoveries. The cave also produced feelings on simple excitement on mystery and awe discovered on it. National geographical film crews can simply use the cave to show people what was found on their surrounding and explain them by use of what already see on the moment.
Through the study of the cave in the film we can understand that the work of art brings about visual impression to our surroundings in consideration of the way the walls of the cave were decorated. Through the cave we can understand that installation of artifacts in our environment can pass some basic information about what happened. On the study of the cave we come to know that the work of art needs order to avoid confusions considering the way to draw some information from there. We can also conclude that prehistoric life brings deeper and more human truths on earlier documentary. We can lastly conclude that the work of art requires high level of creativity and thinking footage was constructed in cave.
Based on the evidence from this cave and Lascaux cave, I can conclude that preservation of prehistoric sites is very important since they provide us with basic understanding about what happened long time ago before our existence. Through the study of the cave we understand that the historical ministries should be preserved for the modern man.
The film maker uses interesting theories about the cave, which I agree with them. After the child visited the cave, it is believed to have been untouched due to the landslide which covered the entrance. This could be true because the landslide blocked the entrance to the cave. The charred carbon remains also evidenced the lit of fire or torches. This clearly shows existence of intelligent human who could not work in the dark (Herzog, 2010).
The paintings in the cave demonstrate high level of creativity of ancient man many years ago. This is seen through a variety of paintings, markings and prints. Paintings that show how animals interacted, for instance, the woolly rhinoceroses had seen butting horns to mate or contest for territory. The hundreds of animal paintings that included even extinct ones demonstrate a historical artwork of great forecast artists (Herzog, 2010). This clearly shows a lot of intelligence held by people who were very observant to create a living history. It is by their art, that the cave remains a historical site.
From the film, I am enlightened to learn that, people of great minds and highly creative existed long time ago. They could create a history of great Archaeological importance.

Herzog, W. (2010). Cave of Forgotten Dreams (documentary). United Kingdom: IFC Films & Sundance Selects.

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