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Post-socialist Grit in Chinese Cinema

Insert Surname Here 1 Name: Tutor: Course: Date: Post-socialist Grit in Chinese Cinema Cinemas are an important part of any society. Since its inception in the early 1900s, the film industry has experienced significant growth and evolution to become a multi-billion dollar entity. As a result, it has captured several cultures from all over the world. This has made Cinema a useful tool in shaping social perceptions by changing the views of people and swaying them to another (Mak, 4). Chinese cinema has projected several ideologies including post socialism to...
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The Effects of Television Advertising on Children

Surname 7 Name Professor Course Date Impacts of television on American culture Annotated bibliography Adler, Richard. The Effects of Television Advertising on Children: Review and Recommendations. Lexington, Mass: Lexington Books, 1980. Print. Adler, Richard in his work explores the general effects of using television as a major source of viewing advertisements in the United States. He does this by conducting reviews on previous researches conducted by previous researchers. He finally comes up with a plan on how to work on these effects in order to prevent stop them from effecting...
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“A Space Odyssey” Is a Cult Film Directed by Stanley Kubrick

Running head: A SPACE ODYSSEY 1 A SPACE ODYSSEY 6 A Space Odyssey Name Institution Course Professor Date Contextual Information In the course of selecting a suitable movie that will fit the various categories of division I have settled on one that I am sure would definitely capture the attention of anyone who is lucky enough for the screens to go up in their presence. The movie is one that has taken a lot of human creativity because apart from the story line the movie stands out because it displays...
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Social Transformation in Korea

Surname1 Surname 6 Name Professor Course Date Social transformation in Korea The development of the film industry that show the post-colonial error has been intertwined very closely with the coming of the woman’s film and the modernities that are associated with colonialism. Films that feature female protagonists consumed and made for the women have acted as an important source of revenue for the film industry of South Korea since 1955 (Kathleen, 8). Looking in to these films, that explore gendered modernity as well as female sexuality, provides a good way...
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Women in Films: Gender Equality

Running Header: Women in Film Women in Film Women in Films Name; Course; Due Date; Institution; Women in Films This is a research paper based on gender equality in films; be it a hit movie or a movie that did not make it to the box office. There has always been a stir of the roles women are given in big hit movies. Where people have speculated in the roles, women are provided in some movies. Some of the roles beg the question, “Are women given respectable roles in films?”...
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“Cave of Forgotten Dreams” Is a Documentary Directed by Werner Herzog

Running Head: CAVE OF FORGOTTEN DREAMS CAVE OF FORGOTTEN DREAMS Cave of forgotten dreams Name Institution Professor Course Date Cave of forgotten dreams is a film about the Chauvet caves located close to the commune of d’Arc on a cliff of limestone above the bed of Ardeche River, in Gorges de ardeche of the southern France (Herzog, 2010). Beside paintings, a variety of other things are found which include prints markings from a variety of animals, fossilized remains and human evidence such as skulls. Charred remains of ancient hearths and...
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What is Classical Cinema?

RUNNING HEAD: 30 PAGE FILM LOGG OF VARIOUS MOVIES 28 30 PAGE FILM LOGG OF VARIOUS MOVIES Name Professor Institution Course Date “What is Classical Cinema?” Introduction and Overview Classical Cinema is viewed in the manner at which movies were first being created and the styles that were incorporated in movies at that time. Early filmmakers focused more on the then cinema style whereby their aim was to make the audience have little to think about the arrangement of the film itself as well as the plot it has. This...
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Understanding the Korean Culture Through Film “Sopyonje”

Surname 1 Student’s Name Course Title Instructor Date UNDERSTANDING THE KOREAN CULTURE THROUGH FILM Sopyonje, directed by Im Kwon-take is a musical film in South Korea that was released back in 1993 over a decade ago. At the time of the production of the movie, it was not expected that it would trend and trend as it did then. Those involved in its making did not imagine that its creation would go down into the South Korean history (Kim & James, p.20). Its release raised controversies especially in the media...
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Social Darwinism – A Trend in Social Science in the XIX – XX Centuries

Last Name 1 Last Name 7 Name Professor Course Date Social Darwinism Introduction Social Darwinism involves the concept whereby some traits of the species are bred out while the strongest characters are retained in the species. To a believer of social Darwinism, one group of the population is above the other groups because it is superior (Bouse 98). This kind of thinking is extremely risky because it glorifies some group of people who are better than others. Besides, such sort of thinking rationalizes genocide (a fictional one) where one group...
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Marlon Brando – American Theater and Film Actor

1 Surname 1 Name Professor Course Date Introduction: Born in 1924 Marlon Brandon spend his life in England but he became a successful a prominent movie actor at an early age. He was not only a great actor; but he was also a magnificent writer, director, editor and producer. He has acted in various comedian films, such Streetcar, on the water front, Named Desire … (, n.d). After having an early promise between 190 and 1950 including a stern performance in his film called streetcar, his career deteriorated until the...
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