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Natural Disasters: Past and Future Predictions

Surname: 8 Institutional Affiliation: Professor: Course: Date: Natural Disasters A natural disaster is a major event that comes as a result of the earth’s natural processes. These processes include, earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tsunamis, tornadoes and volcanic eruptions. This calamities may cause loss/damage of property and also loss of life. The disasters are usually extreme, they occur suddenly and are mostly caused by natural or environmental factors. In this paper I have chosen some of the disasters that have occurred all over the world in history (Mileti, Dennis p.10). Using 3...
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The Life Cycle Analysis of a Cell Phone

Running Header: THE LIFE CYCLE ANALYSIS OF A CELL PHONE 1 THE LIFE CYCLE ANALYSIS OF A CELL PHONE The Life Cycle Analysis of a Cell Phone - Product Use Student’s Name University Affiliation The Life Cycle Analysis of a Cell Phone - Product Use Owing to a cell phone now days has become an order of the day. Almost everyone in the society has become a mobile phone subscriber. Too many companies that manufacture phones have popped out on the market. The competition between the different phones companies is...
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Igneous Rocks Formed Directly From Magma

Running Head: VOLCANIC ROCKS 1 VOLCANIC ROCKS 3 Volcanic Rocks Student's Name Institution's Name Volcanic Rocks. Igneous rocks are found abundantly in the earth’s crust. Two processes lead to the formation of Igneous rocks. The first process results when the molten or liquid rock(magma) cools and crystallizes deep inside the earth thus forming the characteristic rocks. They can also be formed when the molten rock(lava) erupts from a volcano and hardens or crystallizes on the surface of the earth. These two processes lead to the formation of two separately characterized...
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Saving Energy, Saving the Planet

Surname: 1 Name Tutor Course Date Saving energy, saving the planet “Because of the second law of thermodynamics there is no free ride. We will always pay in entropy for any transformation we create” (Wessel 58). In the myth of progress Tom Wessel writes about the path toward a sustainable future using some interesting theories, facts, examples and solutions for people to be able to leave in a more symbiotic way with nature. On the book he writes about the implications that the second law of thermodynamics has in our...
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A Tapestry of Browns and Greens

1 Running Heading: Article Summary: A Tapestry of Browns and Greens Article Summary: A Tapestry of Browns and Greens 4 Article Summary: A Tapestry of Browns and Greens Name Professor Institution Course Date Being conceived by Indian father, Nalini (who was a third child and a girl with Indian face mostly referred to this article ) come to understand that she was not quite the same as others and like the Jewish mother. She was the third in the family with an Indian face and darkest skin out of the...
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American Bald Eagle: Endangered Species Act

Running head: AMERICAN BALD EAGLE 1 AMERICAN BALD EAGLE 11 American Bald Eagle Student’s name Institution affiliation Date of submission American Bald Eagle The bald eagle which is referred to as the Haliaeetus Leucocephalus is a unique bird in North America and an important symbol in the US. The bird is mostly found throughout a good portion of North America, from Canada and Alaska to the north of Mexico. Alaska has half the total number of 70,000 bald eagles in the world. When combined with the 20,000 in the British...
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Climate Change: Global Warming

Running Head: CLIMATE CHANGE 1 CLIMATE CHANGE 1 Climate change Name Institution Professor Course Date Global warming is catastrophic once no action is taken to counteract that as in the case of Alaska. Alaska State is the largest in the United States of America having 20% of the United States. This state also has a wide range of ecological and climatic conditions which include glaciers, tundra, rainforests, meadows, and boreal forest. The warming in Alaska has increased over the last 60 years more than twice of the warming in the...
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Entrepreneurship: Moving Companies Forward

Running Head: ENTREPRENEURSHIP 1 ENTREPRENEURSHIP 2 Entrepreneurship Name Institution Professor Course Date Emphases are put on entrepreneurs and the common pillars that they depend on for their prosperity. According to Nkiruka, (2016), entrepreneurs are supposed to make use of creativity and thinking cap to stay afloat as their country’s undergoes recession. Entrepreneurs are supposed to develop ‘The You Economy’ to develop strategies of propelling their companies forward instead of wasting time as they wait their country’s economy to improve (Nkiruka, 2016). Entrepreneurs are being considered as people, who possess power...
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“The Mississippi River Delta Loses a Football Field of Land Every”

Running Head: SURNAME 1 Surname 3 Name Professor Course Date The Mississippi river delta loses a football field of land every hour article review Introduction The article on “The Mississippi river delta loses a football field of land every hour” addresses the issue of Mississippi delta collapse. According to the article, Louisiana has lost nearly 1,900 square miles of land since the 1930s. This is a condition that has been caused by a number of factors determined in the article that continuous to exacerbate the delta dilemma. The insufficient deposition...
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How to Grow a Forest in Your Backyard?

Surname 1 Name: Tutor: Course: Date: “How to grow a forest in your backyard.” Global climate change falls among the list of top global issues that need urgent human intervention. The dire consequences associated with global climate change can be easily mitigated by the acceptance of individual responsibility to plant trees. This requires a shift in perspective on who is responsible for planting and taking care of the environment. Shubhendu Sharma, a renowned Industrial Engineer with an afforestation vision, delivers a speech in the best possible manner to convince people...
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