Entrepreneurship: Moving Companies Forward




Emphases are put on entrepreneurs and the common pillars that they depend on for their prosperity. According to Nkiruka, (2016), entrepreneurs are supposed to make use of creativity and thinking cap to stay afloat as their country’s undergoes recession. Entrepreneurs are supposed to develop ‘The You Economy’ to develop strategies of propelling their companies forward instead of wasting time as they wait their country’s economy to improve (Nkiruka, 2016). Entrepreneurs are being considered as people, who possess power of identifying market gaps with intentions filling them through investments, creating new investments which were not originally there as well as improving the present one to meet the market needs (Nkiruka, 2016). Entrepreneurs are supposed to be innovative to come up with their new brilliant ideas.
Money is not considered as the most vital tools of entrepreneurial success but the ability to plan and execute well detailed plan (Nkiruka, 2016). Innovation is viewed as the most important tools for any entrepreneur to succeed. This is because innovation releases creativity power during challenging times. Innovation is considered as the key for unblocking opportunities during struggling times for an entrepreneur to optimize opportunities during such times (Nkiruka, 2016). If entrepreneurs are offering services are supposed to be excellent employer of labor for prosperity.
Entrepreneurs are being viewed as individuals who have the capacity of addressing specific need in order to accomplish it otherwise they are not considered to be entrepreneurs (Nkiruka, 2016). In reference to Nkiruka (2016), entrepreneurs are also taken to be traders and they should have financial plan, growth plan, and personal plan and investment plans of advancing themselves. They should also develop mentality of adhering strictly to their set plans. To be innovative, entrepreneurs are supposed to develop networks for leveraging opportunities as well as conduct intensive marketplace and environment study (Nkiruka, 2016). Entrepreneurs are also supposed to be conversant with changes in environment, technology and market.

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