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Dropping Atomic Bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Name: Date: May 3, 2016 HIS 300: Varieties of History 1) Statement of topic The topic under research is whether the United States was justified in the dropping of atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War II. This topic relates to the bigger historical picture of the two World Wars. The research will start from January 1945 when the Japanese tried to seek peace to until august of the same year when two separate bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki . The protagonists of the research will...
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Why England? Could Industrial Revolution Begun in a Different Country?

2 Why England? Could Industrial Revolution begun in a different country? If there was a single event marked that the beginning of our modern era, that would be the Industrial Revolution, and to be precise, the Industrial Revolution that we are discussing here was the first and it originated from England. The First Industrial Revolution began around 1760s, and it changed the method of manufacturing goods from handmade to machine. England was the first country that started and succeeded in this revolution. The boost of productivity and the increase in...
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Nazi Germany Was a Greater Horror Than Stalinist Ussr

Running head: NAZI GERMANY WAS A GREATER HORROR THAN STALINIST USSR 1 NAZI GERMANY WAS A GREATER HORROR THAN STALINIST USSR 4 Nazi Germany was a greater horror than Stalinist USSR Name Institution Professor Course Date Introduction Back in the 19th century, Germany was under the control of dictators. Adolf Hitler is believed to have controlled Germany from 1935 to 1945. Over this period the country was regarded Nazi Germany. Stalinist on the other hand ruled the Eurasian continent under the Soviet Union from 1922 to 1991. In his reign...
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Freedom by Definition: Obama’s Speech on Race

1 Freedom by Definition Student’s Name Course Date of submission Freedom is one of the vocabularies that is raised and exercised in the mouth of many individuals in the current world, especially the politicians. What exactly the term freedom means no one has the precise definition for whatever one may call freedom to another may not. For example, according to the dictionary freedom can be described as “the state of being able to do something without being hindered, liberty of action” keenly, when the world is analyzed only a few...
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Cleopatra VII Is an Egyptian Queen, Whose Biography Is Being Discussed to This Day

Running head: QUEEN CLEOPATRA 1 QUEEN CLEOPATRA 7 Queen Cleopatra Name Professor Course Institution Date Introduction Cleopatra VII, simply known as Cleopatra was a divine queen whose family ruled Ancient Egypt for over 300 years (Schiff, 2010). She is popularly known for her exceptional looks and persuasive leadership qualities. She also took leadership roles in Ancient Egypt at a very young age. Married to popular internationally recognized figures like Mark Antony and Julius Caesar, she made numerous contributions in relation to the economic, political and cultural development of Ancient Egypt....
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Veselka Is an Optical Phenomenon in the Atmosphere

Introduction The rainbow remained a dilemma for most communities in the world. Different communities associated it with either positive or negative aspects.Many people of the globe did not clearly understand its formation, thus, they ended up associating this phenomena with the supernatural. Most communities believed that the rainbow has power either to bring negative or positive fortune on the lives of people. Surprisingly, there were those communities who believed that the rainbow was either a good sign or a bad one depending on the time it hampered. The concept of...
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Book “Hiroshima in History and Memory”

Q1. The bombing of Hiroshima was a horrific event that happened in world war 11. Michael j Hogan wrote a book which reflects how the attack has affected commemoration of the event. Michael J. Hogan's book HIROSHIMA IN HISTORY AND MEMORY gives many essays written by different cultural and powerful historians who critically analyzed the attacking of Hiroshima using documents that were unclassified and past commentary that emphasized why and how the bomb was dropped. It is by all means essential to understand the unwise choice that President Truman had...
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Similarities Between Florida and New York

Surname1 Surname11 Name Professor Institution Course Date Similarities between Florida and New York One of the similarities is that both states have Bill of Rights. This may be an official summary of the privileges and authorizations considered vital toward a people or collection of people. Personal rights offer a change of restraints on governmental power to defend people in contradiction of unwarranted interruptions and abuses. Similarly, in both constitutions it plans and converse about the authorities of government in every separate subdivision. Both converse about suffrage, assessment and proceeds, in...
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“Midnight in Mexico” by Alfredo Corchado

Surname 3 Name Institution Course Date Midnight in Mexico by Alfredo Corchado Question 1 One evening I attended the review of the book Gangster Warlords on Drug Dollar, Killing field, and the New Politics of Latin America. The event took place on January 24, 2016, at First Congregational Church, Berkeley. The event started at around 6 pm and ended at around 10 pm. The event was hosted by Vylma who had also invited two guests to provide a deep explanation of the same. The discussion involved various practices and perform including...
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American History: Hispanic Women of the United States

Running head: AMERICAN HISTORY 1 AMERICAN HISTORY 8 American History Name Professor Institution Course Date American History Poverty refers to a situation whereby a particular group of people is unable to meet their basic needs such as food, clothing and shelter. A state of poverty may be either absolute or relative. An absolute poverty condition occurs when people are unable to acquire adequate resources to meet their minimum level of living standards while a relative poverty situation arises in cases where people fail to enjoy particular life as provided by...
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