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Freedom is one of the vocabularies that is raised and exercised in the mouth of many individuals in the current world, especially the politicians. What exactly the term freedom means no one has the precise definition for whatever one may call freedom to another may not. For example, according to the dictionary freedom can be described as “the state of being able to do something without being hindered, liberty of action” keenly, when the world is analyzed only a few individuals who are in a position of realizing and fighting towards their freedom. Freedom generally can be taken as diversified and in most cases; it is a route to conflict because individuals fight their acts in the name of practicing their freedom. Moreover, it seems a difficult term to define and explain for in one way the culture of a given place has its way of defining the term, which might not rhyme with other individual or the laws of the given nation. Therefore, the concept and meaning of freedom has been raised and fought for by many individuals, majorities being the politicians, especially in their speech but no real outcome. It is because individual perceives and defines the term freedom in many forms. Therefore, the discussion tries to highlight whether the freedom has already been obtained basing on Obama speech on race, moreover analyzing on the current racial tension in today’s political and social environment.
From the Obama’s speech addressing the matters about the race, he was able to speak on many factors that contributed to race discrimination. Moreover, he gave various ways of eradicating the racism. Therefore, through analyzing the speech, it can be said that although the world seems to be civilized most people are still under some specific rules and regulation, depicting that in most countries some individuals are not given freedom and their right are not respected. Also, the issue of freedom is also a big problem experienced by many, most people said freedom at last, after attaining their independence but they are restricted to carry out some activities. For example, taking on the trade, most countries have to consult other nations or some agencies for the approval of participating in the activities. Moreover, it is found that most countries’ discriminate some nations because of race hence no right move has taken place in the world that can describe and fully say that freedom has been attained.
In the speech, he also spoke of the racial tension, whereby he highlighted the issue of the black anger towards the act of the white’s people. In the case, it showed that the black anger was a privilege to the whites. It indicated that there is a form of racism taking place between the black and white. Besides speaking of the black anger it indicates that their right was not fully adhered. Moreover, it showed that they are not happy with whatever happening to them. Black’s anger also may indicate that they are living under rules and regulations that make them frown. Therefore, it can be said that not all individuals who are in a position of enjoying and celebrating their right. Their freedom is restricted and nothing around to smile about. Therefore, through analyzing the speech and looking at the statement of the white privilege, it shows that the white are okay and they are freed. However, to blacks, their freedom is not yet defined.
In addition, Obama confronted the white to collaborate and fight against race issue that is affecting their country. He adds that the only way of solving the problem affecting the Americans is through uniting all individuals in the country. He calls for race equality whereby individuals should not under look each other because of their nature or the skin color. Therefore, Obama created a point of the discontented characters especially the black people in America. Moreover, through the speech, Obama created a feeling whereby, he said that individual might not look the same but no one has the right to interfere with another person right because of his or her color. He further condemns the racial issues saying that it is another era and individuals should not repeat history, which had formed the world full of racial injustice. Adding that the nations and leaders should look at the achievements of both blacks and whites and therefore no one should create any boundary. From his speech, it can be depicted that the blacks experience some form of discrimination in some nations and their freedom is not yet attained.
Additionally, it can be depicted that freedom has not been achieved looking at the many issues arising such as the natural resource share. Most black’s people are not in a position of exploring the economic opportunities. Besides, the problem of financial stock has contributed to widening the gap between the black and white, whereby the blacks communities experience forms of poverty in the world today. Looking and basing on various happening since time of reconstruction and the Obamas’ speech it can be said that nothing much has reformed.
In most cases, whatever was experienced before the construction and after reconstruction has no distinct differences. Freedom has to be preached and practiced to avoid many disputes. The forms of discrimination that happened during reconstruction are the same today, the difference is that individuals experiences various forces in different ways but basing and looking at the outcome they all define and create a feeling whereby the world has not achieved freedom. Moreover, from the act of Obama being elected as a president does not mark the start of liberty to many individuals. It is because he feels and announces the sense of insecurity to the black people. Moreover, he still hopes that one-day individuals will be treated equally with no mistreatment nor discriminated because of their races.
Therefore, it can be said that from various acts and deeds still taking place in the world regardless of the many changes that took place during the reconstruction period, there is no right and acceptable definition of freedom has been put forward. Besides, many individuals have not experienced the feeling and act of freedom hence in most nations nothing has changed and no significant step has been taken and indicated that freedom has been gotten.
Further, elaborating the Obama’s speech and analyzing the changes that occurred in the nation it is clear that the state still requires and needs to change and allow freedom to rule the country. Therefore, it can be said that it is the high time for the individuals, communities and the government to come together and eradicate all forms such as race discrimination that is hindering some individual to enjoy their freedom. Thus, through fighting of such acts the nation will be able to create a conducive environment hence giving a new move and standard definition of the term “freedom.”

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