Informative Speech on How to Keep Your Heart Health

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Informative speech on how to keep your heart health
Have your ever experienced a health issue with your heart? How did you go about it? Currently, the number of people affected by heart health problems has abruptly increased. This should not worry you anymore since they are ways in which a person can make sure that he/she keeps his/her heart health ((Perk, Joep et al 1641). All this lies in the idea of having a change in lifestyles. To start with, exercising should be part of a person’s daily timetable. Being active helps in stress reduction, helps in lowering the levels of cholesterol and hence plays a vital role in weight reduction. A person should first talk with his/her healthcare provider before starting exercises(Frieden & Donald 3). The health care provider may give a suggestion of going through a program of cardiac rehabilitation at a community health center or hospital.
Secondly, a person can also opt to choose an activity which is Aerobic. An exercise that helps one’s heart and lungs work is very important in improving the way a person utilizes oxygen. A person should select an activity that he/she enjoys. In such activities, you may either do it alone or ask a friend to accompany you (Kemi &Ulrik 6). Some of the activities to consider include; walking, swimming, and climbing stairs, dancing, bicycling and jogging among others.
Having changes in the food taken helps a lot in keeping your heart health. Changing diet helps in reducing weight, blood pressure, as well as the amounts of cholesterol in the body. A food which is healthy does not necessarily mean that it is boring and bland. A person should consult a health care provider on healthy foods. One should make sure that he takes as less fats as possible. In addition, a person should avoid consuming too much unnecessary salt (Perk, Joep et al 1690). I would also like to encourage consumption of food of foods containing fiber. Good examples of these are vegetables and fruits.
Lastly, for a person to keep his heart health, he/she is supposed to make sure that he/she avoids the habit of smoking. Those who are already in the habit should try and quit smoking. The heart of a smoker receives very little oxygen during the mechanisms of inhalation and exhalation. It also results into building of plaque inside the vessels of the heart (Frieden & Donald 5). Smoking should hence be avoided.
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