Role of Nutrition in Cancer and Heart Diseases



Role of nutrition in cancer and heart diseases

1.Person with melanoma (due to prolonged sun exposure) who does not like vegetables and who also has type II diabetes from gaining excess weight that has resulted in poor leg circulation.
Melanoma comes as a result of excess external exposure to rays from the sun. its main cause is the inability of the body make a fix for the damaged cells. People who are overweight always stand a risk of experiencing this disease. Foods which should be taken to avoid melanoma include barley, oats, wheat germ, milk and Brazil nuts(Sporn 2002). Foods that should be highly avoided include those foods rich in retinol like fish, eggs, milk, orange and yellow fruits and too much dark green leafy vegetables. The foods rich in retinol make much contribution to poor circulation of legs and development of appetites(Vesperet al 1999).
2.Individual with hypertension (due to stress) who recently started as Head of a biotechnology company, requiring long hours to develop strategies for marketing the company’s products and dining out with potential investors at least three times each week. Consumes several energy drinks daily.
The main cause of hypertension is accumulation of high levels of sodium in the body. To control our eating, an individual should limit himself to taking 2300 milligrams of sodium per day. Foods like sweets, red meat and fats should be taken in small amounts. The best foods that are advised to be taken by individuals to avoid cancer and heart failure are rice, cereals, pasta and bread. This is because they all contain fiber. When taking rice, brown rice is advisable for use than white rice due to their difference in whole grains (Vesperet al 1999). High intake of vegetables is also required in overcoming hypertension. The idea of taking energy drinks puts a worker into a more risk of experiencing these diseases. Their intake should be regulated for one per day.
3.Elderly woman who has arthritis (swelling) in her knees that prevents her from physical activity and who has been diagnosed with osteosarcoma. She often eats frozen dinners to minimize trips to the grocery store
It has been proved that there is no specific diet that can cure arthritis but some foods can be taken to strengthen bones. The best foods in fighting arthritis include beverages like tea, coffee and milk. These beverages possess antioxidant properties which play the role of neutralizing any radicals which can lead to inflammation(Mendiset al 2011). Vegetables like dark green leafy vegetables, carrots and red peppers are highly recommended for such patients. These vegetables play the role of protecting cells from any kind of radical damages hence they maintain the capability of protecting the body against diseases.
4. High school athlete diagnosed with leukemia, requiring radiation treatments every 6-9 months to prevent recurrence. Treatments lead to massive weight loss
Any athlete needs to avoid developing obesity and admires a body that won’t be a burden to him during racing. This athlete should consider taking soft foods which can be cooked until they become tender. Taking clear liquids like ginger ale or lemonade should be among his diet. Calories should be taken in high quantities through the use of baked foods or soup with a high level of calorie liquid like cream, milk and gravy instead of taking water(Danaeiet al 2005)
5. Adult male diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer, treated with chemotherapy, who has gained weight (possibly due to decreased metabolism).
Chemotherapy is one of the most effective ways of treating cancer. In the process of treatment, the foods taken can lead to a massive increase in weight which can eventually lead to increase in the chance of developing another cancer(Vesperet al 1999). Foods which thismale should take include a controlled intake of those foods which are favorites to him. Foods that are rich in protein should be taken while those foods that are hard to digest should be avoided.

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