Human Health Related Diseases



Health Related Diseases

Every human being value health, no doubt about that. Unfortunately, diseases cause abnormality to particular structures in the human body and, therefore, impair their health standards as the disease affects the efficiency of organs in the human body. Certain, all diseases are health related in one way or the other with regard to their negative effects on life wellbeing. Some of these diseases result from life styles. Atherosclerosis, stroke, heart failure, and diabetes are just but an example life style diseases. They are highly associated with smoking habits, eating patterns and alcoholism. Alternatively, there are some diseases that affect people of a given genealogy and are only transmitted from one person to the other through inheritance, (Juenger et al, 2002). Some of this category of diseases include cystic fibrosis, autism and breast cancer.
Health-related diseases need vigilance in how to avoid some of them. Prevention and treatment of the diseases are part of human rights and the government should focus on how to reduce the impact of the diseases within its citizens as they will automatically affect the economy in the wrong run due to inadequate man power especially when the most skilled people are affected by the same. Studies also suggest that health problems are as a result of extreme stress which could eventually result in depression. Stress has been termed as a genesis for many diseases or rather an accelerator of other diseases. It is, therefore, one’s responsibility to ensure that they live a stress-free life in order to escalate their chances of being healthy.
Finally, there is great connectedness between health and disease. This means that people who engage in numerous physical fitness exercises, eat healthy diet, attend medical checkups and live free from stress have the chances to be free from diseases as opposed to people who do not. It is, therefore, important to ensure that one seeks health tips to avoid falling ill and developing other health-related dilemmas which at times lack treatment.

Juenger, J., Schellberg, D., Kraemer, S., Haunstetter, A., Zugck, C., Herzog, W., & Haass, M. (2002). Health related quality of life in patients with congestive heart failure: comparison with other chronic diseases and relation to functional variables. Heart, 87(3), 235-241.

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