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After Viewing the Movie “Super Size Me”

Extra Credit Assignment # 2 Name: After viewing the movie “Super Size Me” Answer the following questions. 1. Why do Americans love fast food? This is because cooking at home is more expensive than going to eat in restaurants. Hence buying fast foods is more economical in time and financial terms. 2. What prompted Morgan Spurlock to pursue this subject? This is because it is a focus of attention. The fact that about sixty percent are excessively overweight is what attracted his attention. The Americans are described as fat by...
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The Significant Impact of Nutrition on Education

Running head: EFFECTS OF NUTRITION ON EDUCATION 1 EFFECTS OF NUTRITION ON EDUCATION 7 Effects of Nutrition on Education Name Institution Effects of Nutrition on Education Nutrition is one of the most compelling aspects of the development of the human being, especially the children. However, before delving into the areas of food, it is vital to understand the meaning of nutrition. Nutrition is referred to as process concerned with the availability and interaction of nutrients in the body of an organism concerning the organism's health, disease, reproduction, and growth. The...
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Who are Fertility Nutrition Specialists?

RUNNING HEAD: FERTILITY NUTRITION SPECIALISTS 1 FERTILITY NUTRITION SPECIALISTS 5 Fertility Nutrition Specialists Name Institution Professor Course Date Fertility Nutrition Specialists are nutrition experts that help couples adapt to healthy lifestyles that supports and protects them from unexpected hiccups of pregnancies through education programs and strategies on ways in which food optimizes health with regards to conception and pregnancy to improve fertility. Good nutrition lays a healthy foundation for fertility (Chavarro, 2008). Fertility nutritionists help couples to manage their weight by encouraging them to eat correct diets as well as...
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The Effect of Diet on the Human Body

Running Head: DIET ANALYSIS 1 DIET ANALYSIS 21 Diet Analysis Name Institution Professor Course Date Introduction Diet is an important aspect of our daily lives. It represents the food intake by a person and is useful in controlling one’s weight (Diet analysis, 2007). Diet influences the performance of a person and their well-being physically and mentally. Diet can be considered healthy if it is balanced. This means that it consists of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and fats in the right amounts. Eating properly comes with benefits including improving the state of...
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Facts, History and Research Surrounding Nutrition

Name 3 Name Professor Course Date Facts, History and Research Surrounding Nutrition Nutrition is integral to good health. Nutrition is generally understood as the process of food intake and utilization. As such, nutrition relates to the role of nutrients obtained from food in the growth of the body, its development as well as its maintenance. The constituents of food that make up a diet are referred to as nutrients. These include the proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. Application of various principles of nutrition aimed at meeting specific health needs or...
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Food and Drug Administration: Evaluation of Comments

Running head: FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION 1 FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION 2 Evaluation of Comments Issued in Relation to Proposed Changes to Nutritional Facts Label Name Professor Course Institution Date Introduction Food and Drug administration (FDA) is calling for the members of the public and any other interested party to present their comments on the proposed rule that require the companies that deal with conventional foods to update their nutritional fact labels in order to enable the consumers in United States tomake informed choices and at the same timemaintain the...
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Work Schedule by Hours and Type of Activity

ariflor delgado ( M ariflor delgado ) Site: Amphi School Supervisor Contact:(520)-696-6409 Date Time Total Hours Supervisor Summary of Activities 08/22/15 8:00 to 12:00 am 4 Hours Patricia Marquez Worked in the kitchen to wash and organize dishes, washing fruits and cutting the vegetables. 08/29/15 8:00 to 12:00 am 4 Hours Patricia Marquez Worked in the kitchen helping to take food to the cafeteria and returning the dishes to the kitchen Site: Mary’s Hospital Supervisor Contact:(520)-872-582 Date Time Total Hours Supervisor Summary of Activities 09/20/15 6:00 to 12:00am 7 Saul...
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Childhood Obesity and Fast Food Manufacturers

Surname4 Name Professor Course Date Child Obesity Child obesity in America is well documented. Many Americans find it easier to access fast foods more than the conventional dining options available. Fast food joints are nowadays found at almost every turn of a corner. Fast food manufacturers are investing heavily because of the growing market for their products. The eating habits of the population, especially children, have shifted over the last few years. The growing appetite for burgers and fries is creating crisis obesity situation with increasing calls for the government...
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Role of Nutrition in Cancer and Heart Diseases

Running Head: ROLE OF NUTRITION IN CANCER AND HEART DISEASES 1 ROLE OF NUTRITION IN CANCER AND HEART DISEASES 5 Role of nutrition in cancer and heart diseases Name Institution Professor Course Date 1.Person with melanoma (due to prolonged sun exposure) who does not like vegetables and who also has type II diabetes from gaining excess weight that has resulted in poor leg circulation. Melanoma comes as a result of excess external exposure to rays from the sun. its main cause is the inability of the body make a fix...
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Report on Food and Culture of the Ethnic Minority Chuvash

Running Head: FOOD AND CULTURE REPORT 1 FOOD AND CULTURE REPORT 6 Food and culture report Name: Institution: Instructor: Course: Date: Introduction Reason for choosing this ethnic minority group approximate number of people belonging to this group living in the U.S. Ethnicity refers to a mutual group identity on language, culture, religion or other social features. This means that people define their own ethnicity; that is everybody even including those who are not minor have an ethnicity hence a person’s ethnic identity may change from time to time. This paper...
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Oral Contraceptives to Prevent Pregnancy

ORAL CONTRACEPTIVES 1 2 Oral Contraceptives Name Institution Professor Course Date Oral contraceptives or else “the pills” are tablets that are taken once per day in order to prevent pregnancy. The pills have been available since the year 1960 and since that period there have been several changes that have happened over time. One major change that has happened is the reduction of the dose of the hormones, progestin and estrogen (SPEROFF& DARNEY 2010). With the lowering of these doses it has helped to lessen the occurrence of severe side...
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Movement of Molecules: Dehydration Process

Running Head: MOVEMENT OF MOLECULES 1 MOVEMENT OF MOLECULES 3 Movement of molecules Name Institution Professor Course Date Dehydration is a water movement process within the body cells. It happens when a certain amount of water than the sodium contained in the cell gets eliminated from the body. Depending on the behavior of the extracellular fluid, dehydration can be classified as hypertonic or hyponatremia (Hanshawet al 1965). This leads to an attraction of the water from the cell towards out the cell which on the process leads to the shrinking...
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Climate Change: Controversial Ideas

Running Head: CLIMATE CHANGE 1 CLIMATE CHANGE 5 Climate Change Professor: Institution Affiliation: Date: Climate Change Introduction Climate change refers to a change in worldwide or provincial atmosphere designs; specifically a change obvious from the mid to late twentieth century onwards and ascribed to a great extent to the expanded levels of air carbon dioxide delivered by the utilization of fossil energizes (Seinfeld & Pandis, 2016). For a long time a number of researchers have had proposed a number of conflicting ideas about climate change. The opposing viewpoints Pro Overpowering...
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The Code Dna (Nucleic Acids)

Running Head: THE CODE DNA 1 THE CODE DNA The Code DNA Name Institution Professor Course Date 1.0 How does genetic information result in the formation of a protein? DNAs or nucleic acids are long linear polymers that carry information which can be passed from a generation to the other. Specific genes must undergo two distinct stages on their way to becoming proteins, transcription and translation. These molecules which are macro in nature are made up of large numbers of nucleotides which are linked and made of at least a...
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Genetic Disorder: Hemophilia Disorder

Running Head: ANY GENETIC DISORDER 1 ANY GENETIC DISORDER 8 Any Genetic Disorder Name Institution Professor Course Date Haemophilia is a genetic disorder that is inheritable that minimizes body ability to regulate blood clotting, in case of an injury to the blood vessel. Like other disorders, haemophilia is more rampant in males. The reason being males have few X chromosomes one chromosome while females have two X chromosomes, so the defective gene is guaranteed to exist in any male who carries the disorder. Since females have more chromosomes and haemophilia...
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