After Viewing the Movie “Super Size Me”

Extra Credit Assignment # 2 Name: After viewing the movie “Super Size Me”

Answer the following questions.

1. Why do Americans love fast food?
This is because cooking at home is more expensive than going to eat in restaurants. Hence buying fast foods is more economical in time and financial terms.
2. What prompted Morgan Spurlock to pursue this subject?
This is because it is a focus of attention. The fact that about sixty percent are excessively overweight is what attracted his attention. The Americans are described as fat by other nationalities by the look of things. This makes Morgan to research on this.
3. Why did he choose McDonald’s specifically?
He is actually describing it as a dream for an eight year it. The child has subjected itself to a three meals a day at fast foods joints.Hence; he serves as the guinea pig. He is the subject of experiment in this case.
4. How does the fast food industry market its food?
They use what the children love best. This is for instance clowns, toys, birthday parties and the play grounds.
5. After eating three meals a day at McDonald’s for 30 days, what surprised you about how badly this diet affected his health?
Mac Donald increased in size .he actually added nearly twenty five pounds in this process. He is the guinea pig who is actually being used for the experiment.
6. How do you feel about the state of our school lunch programs?
The lunch programs are not the best to recommend for school children. This is because this type of food will subject them to diseases caused by improper food. The foods contain a lot sugars. This leads to the manufacture of excessive fats which later leads to complications in their lives.
7. What other factors are contributing to our obesity epidemic?
The lack of exercise among the children is the primary factor leading to obesity. The children eat a lot of fattening food like hamburgers and then just relax while watching television. Other children sleep.hence, the excess sugars accumulate in the body leading to a person becoming more and more plump.
8. How should the government get involved?
The government should come up with methodologies and measures to regulate the manufacture and selling of the fast foods. It should also regulate the opening of fast food joints so as their consumption may reduce.
9. Critics state that the premise of the film is exaggerated. Do you agree?
I do agree. This is because they are so many fat people in the movie. This portraits a wrong picture of the Americans as a nation. It is not true that all Americans are fat or plump. There are those who follow healthy diets.
10. Where does personal responsibility end and corporate responsibility begin?
Personal responsibility begins where an individual takes responsibility of his or her own life. This refers to an individual feeding habit. Corporate responsibility begins where to the government of the day. The government is expected to apply all measures to save its citizens from the problem.
11. Is fat the next tobacco?
I do agree. This is because the current generations are consuming more foods with a lot of food. Only few of them consume food with fewer amounts of fats. Hence, the habit they form they form becomes a disease.Finally, it proves to have become an addiction and they cannot take any food with a less amount of fat.
12. Is this documentary going to impact your life?
This documentary is going to have an impact in my life. This is because I have gotten information which has proven significant to me as far as personal health is concerned.iam now aware of the perils of taking foods with a lot of fats.

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