Laws and Humanity: Superheroes and Super-Villas

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Laws and humanity
Superheroes and super-villas in a community play a significant role in ensuring that the community members behave accordance to the virtues of the community. In this play, Tiresias, the prophet, is seen enlightening Creon watchman on his betrayal when he found Antigone trying to bury her brother. Through the enlightenment from the prophet, the guard realizes individual mistakes and is ready to save Antigone who was sentenced to death in the desert by the King for attempting to bury her brother. The superheroes also played a significance role in criticizing any wrong doings that a king is involved in. For instance, Tiresias is seen condemning the act of slaying bodies and leaving the corpse unattended.
Crimes occur in many different forms. The type of the offense committed determines the type of punishment a culprit will face. Taking an example from the Antigone play, it is confirmed that any act of displaying intentions of a traitor towards the king results to death. For instance, Ismene’s brother is slain for planning an attack on Thebe kingdom. On the other hand, the sister of the deceased suffers the same consequences for disobeying king’s order, burying her traitor brother in respect. Her death sentence is, however, lighter because she not slain like her brother.
The aspect of kings deciding the fate of criminals as have been indicated in the play should not be a practice in the era we are living. Though a person is sentenced to death, better ways of killing the culprit should be devised. The use of vigilante justice should be avoided since the actions preceded by the act are self-beneficial. In most cases, those enforcing the law by the use of vigilante justice are not democratic.

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