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Analysis of a Book on Racial Discrimination

Surname 2 Professor Institution Course Date Literature analysis My partner explains issues of racial prejudice in the book. There is a lot of evidence on issue of racial discrimination in the book. The book is about a small black kid called Praise with exceptional ability and skill to read and write. There is no escaping the fact that the book portrays black people as stupid and dumb. However, this notion is far from the truth as evidenced by Praise. He is a small boy who has mastered the skill of...
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“Othello”- Relationship Between Othello and Desdemona

Surname 1 Name Professor Course Date Othello- relationship between Othello and Desdemona Othello is a tragedy that was written by William Shakespeare in 1603. It is largely based on Othello, a “Moorish captain” who influences most of the activities in this play. It is through him that the themes of love, racism, revenge, repentance, betrayal and jealousy have been constructed. It was written at a time when marriage between people of different races and color was not allowed. Othello however goes to an extent of marrying Desdemona who was not...
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Disparity in Education Measures and Performance

THE ACHIEVEMENT GAP THE ACHIEVEMENT GAP Name Institution Professor Course Date 1 THE ACHIEVEMENT GAP Introduction: Achievement gap: this is the persistent disparity in education measures and performance. The achievement gap has been brought by differences in provision of education resources.. Many countries have improvised their education systems to cater for international students. Racism, gender and corruption have got access to the education systems in schools. The education system of a country defines the kind of exposure that the students and teachers go through. Since the 20th century, education around...
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Literary Lenses: Feminism and Irony

Surname 6 Name Tutor Course Date Literary Lenses: Feminism and Irony The short stories "Andre's mom", by Terrence McNally, "plays", and "Jury of her Peers" by Susan Glaspell are drawing in stories with effective subjects of incongruity and woman's rights. In the three stories, the creators have interwoven different parts of incongruity and women's liberation thus highlighting their accomplishment in crediting certain ascribes to the characters. In McNally's "Andre's mom" a young fellow passes on and is being grieved; his memorial service is gone to by individuals: those near him...
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“At Wits End” by Emma Bombeck

Running head: AT WIT’S END 1 Surname 1 Name Professor Course Date At Wit’s End ‘At Wits End’ is a book by Emma Bombeck that shows gender inequality and how the American women in the 1960s were subjected to all household jobs. She uses humor as a social satire to expose the limitations that the middle-class suburban women used to encounter in the earlier days. The use of humor is the appropriate literary device for conveying the message, which could not be addressed openly since women of the 1960s were...
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Binary Opposition in a Literary Work

Running head: BINARY OPPOSITION BINARY COMPARISON 2 Binary Opposition Name Date Binary Opposition In a work of literature, binary opposition is basically the opposing opinions, views, ideas and themes presented in the text. The use of binary opposition is a common concept in the analysis of literary works. Its best use comes when two characters or themes are contrasted against each other, however, sometimes the opposition does not mean that the ideas under analysis must share similar notion, but only needs to be corresponding. According to Marvin, the idea captured...
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Laws and Humanity: Superheroes and Super-Villas

Surname 1 Laws and humanity Superheroes and super-villas in a community play a significant role in ensuring that the community members behave accordance to the virtues of the community. In this play, Tiresias, the prophet, is seen enlightening Creon watchman on his betrayal when he found Antigone trying to bury her brother. Through the enlightenment from the prophet, the guard realizes individual mistakes and is ready to save Antigone who was sentenced to death in the desert by the King for attempting to bury her brother. The superheroes also played...
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History of Japanese Literature: Ancient Japanese Literature

Running head: Ancient Japanese literature 1 ANCIENT JAPANESE LITERATURE 2 Ancient Japanese literature Name Professor Institution Course Date Ancient Japanese literature The Man’yoshu has a meaning togathering of ten thousand leaves in JapanWaka anthropology. It indicated to contain an approximation of 4,500 poems which take forms of long, short head-repeated poems (Shirane 2016). It also includes the Ranga also known as Stana orBussokuseki-katai-ka, Chinese poem, and letter. They are believed to compose poems in about 350 years in the reign of the Emperor and Empress. The poems made by the...
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How Does the Origin of Wilfred Owen and Rupert Brooke Give Up in Their Works?

Surname 1 Name Professor Course Date How biological background of Wilfred Owen and Rupert Brooke give the reader an insight on their work Wilfred Owen and Rupert Brooke are two poets who both had different backgrounds. Wilfred Owen was an English poet and a soldier in the First World War who wrote realistic war poetry on the horrors trenches and gas while Rupert Brooke was only a poet but not a soldier who wrote poems during the First World War. Some of their popular works include the Dulce et Decorum...
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Man as Part of the Nation?

Running head: MODULE 4: ALICE CHILDRESS 1 MODULE 4: ALICE CHILDRESS Module 4: Alice Childress Name Instructor Institution Course Date Module 4: Alice Childress The title, “Like One of the Family” is a presentation of social satire. It describes that state of being viewed as part of a nation and yet understood as inferior to other races or gender. The author addresses race, gender, and roles of women during a specific age of time. According to Marshall (2013), humor is achieved through effective exploitation of events and circumstances in a...
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