Analysis of a Book on Racial Discrimination

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Literature analysis
My partner explains issues of racial prejudice in the book. There is a lot of evidence on issue of racial discrimination in the book. The book is about a small black kid called Praise with exceptional ability and skill to read and write. There is no escaping the fact that the book portrays black people as stupid and dumb. However, this notion is far from the truth as evidenced by Praise. He is a small boy who has mastered the skill of writing and reading without being taught by anybody. He has defied the odds. Father Audrey is not aware of jacks ability because of the assumptions and stereotypes placed on black people as backward and uncivilized.
It is fathers Audrey’s intention to introduce jack into priesthood. This leads us to believe that he does not think blacks have the intellectual ability to go through a normal schooling process. Praise is clearly denied the opportunity to go through normal school based on his race. Father Audrey takes take upon himself to teach Praise arithmetic’s to prepare him for the mission. After university entrance exams Praise flies apparently to chase his childhood dreams of becoming a gang boy. Despite Praise being brilliant, he does not see the essence of school because he thinks the gang boys make more money.
The assay has several weak points. Father Audrey says that Praise is only a child when he is old enough to enroll in school and start studies. We are already told that praise was a brilliant boy who was able to read and write without help from anybody. The fact that Praise was able and read and writes is clear testament that he was old enough to start school. Father Audrey wants Praise to be a priest like himself. Father Audrey does not give Praise the chance to go school; he instead starts preparing him for the mission at a tender age. Clearly this was not his passion; it is proved when he flies to join the gangs. There are questions raised in the book. My author says that Praise was brought up by Miss Graham who was white woman. My partner then goes a step further to explain that Praise was never taught by anybody how to read and write; I find it hard to understand how a young black boy was brought by a white woman without being taught how read and write. My partner says that he knew how to read and write on his own, how we know he was not influenced by the environment in which he was brought up in this case being Miss Grahams home. Because of these issues I think my partner’s explanations are vague and do not give a clears picture of events. The idea of Praises schooling is not elaborated clearly by my partner, my partner explains that he flew from school without giving the chronology of events of how it happed
There are underdeveloped issues in the partner analysis of the text. In my analysis I will elaborate on why Praise was brought up in white family and was never taught how read and write yet he knew how to do it. Was this Praise only natural ability or was he influenced. In case I don’t think it was his natural ability for me I think I will need to elaborate this in very clear facts.

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