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Understanding your personal worldview is significant because it helps to understand your own philosophy. This is how we evaluate all aspects of life, the world around us and our place in it. Looking at the life of a man, it is difficult for him to believe in something that he cannot see, touch or feel. It is hard for him to understand and define terms like God, ethics, and knowledge, although they play a huge role in shaping his thoughts, experiences and life decisions.

If you look at the nature of human life, you can see that the worldview has been most influenced by religion and science. For instance, if science teaches us that the earth is part of a closed system and the resources in it are inadequate and with time there will be none, then a worldview of scarcity is likely to result. However, if the science teaches us that the Earth is alive, and there is enough resources to sustain human life, we are eventually going to believe that evolution is taking place and we are part of the evolution.

The book physics by Art Hobson emphasizes on modern physics and scientific process. It engages the reader by drawing concrete connections between physics and everyday experience. Hobson uses conceptual approach by taking proper focus on quantitative skills. The book covers certain key environmental topics like global warming and energy. Art Hobson topics make physics more relevant and interesting to all casual readers. While introducing modern physics he maintains the focus of the book on the social and cultural context of physics. Hobson provides a more modern and straightforward view of quantum physics.

The topics in this book have played an important role in shaping my worldview as a physics student. This book has bolstered my understanding on physics as a subject of majors and non-majors. Given the terrible nature of people in understanding mathematics outside the science department it is important to help non-majors develop knowledge about the universe and how it works.

The book has eighteen topics organized into five parts. The first part of this book has helped me understand the universe in its enormous size and the stars. In addition, it has exposed the principles of atoms and their element parts. This part has shaped my view on the composition of the universe. In part two, Hobson takes his readers through Newton, Galileo, and the mechanical universe. I have understood the application of Newton laws in everyday situations. Part 3 has bolstered my understanding on the principles of energy, thermodynamics, radiation, electromagnetism, and global climate (Hobson, 2010). This part was important because it changed by view on the causes of global warming. Before studying this chapter, I thought global warming occurred naturally but this part clarified that human beings are the main causes of global warming. Part 4 gave me knowledge on theory of relativity, new cosmology, what is being done to search for extra-terrestrial intelligence, and the quantum Universe (Hobson, 2010). Part 5 has bolstered my knowledge in the atom, fusion and fission, the problem with finding energy, and quantum fields (Hobson, 2010). Studying energy helped me understand the nuclear power and energy especially in this world full of nuclear weapons.

I feel this book makes physics more interesting despite being a difficult subject. My worldview is that science has great influence on our culture. Therefore, there is need to understand the fundamentals of quantum physics because it is the heart of philosophical divide between Newton’s mechanical universe and the post-Newtonian non-mechanical universe since it defines our culture (Hobson, 2010). Each student should understand the revolutionary effects of quantum physics, quantum uncertainty, and quantum non-locality. In this world full of nuclear power and nuclear weapons, it is good to understand nuclear physics.

In addition, since science influences our culture every introductory science course should cover societal topics. These topics should be in the first part of every science course in order to help students understand the connection between science and society. Societal chapters should be inserted in strategic points in a manner that inserts traditional problems into math-based courses (Hobson, 2010). Some of the societal topics in physics include ozone depletion, global warming, radioactivity, fossil fuels, nuclear power, renewable energy resources, energy efficiency, and nuclear weapons (Hobson, 2010). These topics will be important because in the modern world citizens can be asked to choose energy policies in their country. Without clear understanding of these topics, it can be hard for them to choose the environmentally friendly policy. Physics education is not about the physicists and scientist it is about all people and their quality of life. Physics is a societal science that should include all people because it covers very many topics that are beneficial in our day-to-day activities. For example, all people in the society need to understand the causes and effects of global warming because it is a societal issue but not for the scientist alone (Hobson, 2010).
Hobson, A. (2010). Physics: Concepts & connections. Boston, MA: Pearson Addison-Wesley.

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