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Literature Review and Imaging E. Coli Using Raman Spectroscopy and Fluorescence Spectroscopy

Running Head: LITERATURE REVIEW AND IMAGING E. COLI USING RAMAN SPECTROSCOPY AND FLUORESCENCE SPECTROSCOPY 1 LITERATURE REVIEW AND IMAGING E. COLI USING RAMAN SPECTROSCOPY AND FLUORESCENCE SPECTROSCOPY 6 Literature Review and Imaging E. Coli Using Raman Spectroscopy and Fluorescence Spectroscopy Student's Name Institution's Name Literature Review and Imaging E. Coli Using Raman Spectroscopy and Fluorescence Spectroscopy Raman Spectroscopy Raman spectroscopy is a machine established as a physiochemical technique of identification of microbes. This technique generates spectroscopic fingerprint from the microbial sample which gives quantitative and qualitative information that is used...
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The Logarithm as the Basis and Foundation of Mathematics

Surname 1 Logarithms Name: Professor: Course: Institution: Date: Introduction Logarithms entail expressing numbers using notions like log or in. They are used in wide area of applications since many areas that require mathematical concept such as chemistry and physics require the concept of logarithms. Many people argue that logarithms are complicated but they are easy to understand how they work. Logarithms have many uses in real life situation but many people do not understand their application since they limit themselves to mathematical concept. Generally, the paper will discuss in details...
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Coulomb Force and Electric Field Strength

Surname Name Professor Course Date Physics 1. Calculate the magnitude and direction of the coulomb force on each of the 3 charges below. Magnitude and direction of a coulomb force 6.00 µC charge; Magnitude= 10.8N Direction=left 1.5µC charge; magnitude= 99.9N Direction= right -2.0 µC charge; magnitude=90N Direction=Left 2. Three points charges are located on a circular arc. a) Total electric field at p Magnitude=2.039*10-7N/C Direction=left b) Electric force Magnitude=1.79*10-9N Direction=left 3.An electric field of intensity 2.75 kN/c is applied along the x-axis. Calculate the electric flux a) 6737.5N.m2/C b)9625N.m2/C c)15671N.m2/C...
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How Does Cesium Atom Clock Works and Why It Is Used for Time Keeping Purposes?

4 How does Cesium atom clock works and why it is used for time keeping purposes? Name Professor Course Institution Date Abstract Timekeeping is made possible due to the fact that the counting interval can be done repeatedly without high variation. Although mechanical means for example use of amechanical pendulum can be used in timekeeping, such methods are not as effective as theuse of atomic clock for time keeping. Although there are a number of elements that can be used in the atomic clock, Cesium is the most preferred element...
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Computational Biophysics: Files and Configuration

Running head: COMPUTATIONAL BIOPHYSICS 7 COMPUTATIONAL BIOPHYSICS Name Institutional affiliation Date COMPUTATIONAL BIOPHYSICS Q.1 VMD file is the program that analyses the molecular visualization which plays the DCD trajectory files showing the results of MD simulations. Also, it allows control of running simulations and interactive display when used with the parallel molecular dynamics code namd. NAMD Configuration files these are the files specifying virtually everything about the simulation to be done. It specifies the dynamic values and options that NAMD uses such as the initial temperature, number of timesteps to...
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Sub-retinal and Alpha Techniques

Running head: SUB-RETINAL AND ALPHA TECHNIQUES 1 SUB-RETINAL AND ALPHA TECHNIQUES 5 Sub-retinal and Alpha Techniques Student’s Name Instructor Affiliation Date of Submission Sub-retinal is a standard retinal implantation classified according to the electrode array. Sub-retinal results from the growth of sub retinal membrane, a fibrous tissue of thin sheets developing on the surface of macula affecting the central vision. The technique of sub retinal implantation becomes quite challenging due to the position of sub retinal space. Sub retina employees a simple surgical procedure of targeting restoration of vision by...
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The History of X-Rays and the Use of X-Rays

Running Head: X-RAYS 1 X-RAYS 6 X-rays Student’s Name Institution Affiliation Date of Submission I have a great enthusiasm in studying X-rays as one of the electromagnetic radiations, commonly used in electronic imaging. In the electromagnetic spectrum, X-rays lie in-between the ultraviolet rays and gamma rays. Due to the decrease in wavelengths, X-rays have higher energy than the ultraviolet rays and a lower energy than gamma rays. According to Robinson and Tweet (1992), X-rays exhibit particle-like properties. In this case, I can easily describe X-rays as the flow of photons...
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Building an Energy Efficient Home

Surname 3 Name Professor Course Date Building an energy efficient home The advancement of scientific knowledge in the modern world has enabled human persons to live a better life and more comfortable and less stressful lifestyle. It has solved numerous problems and advanced the living standards of human beings in different ways. Almost all the aspects of life of life have been improved in one or another ways and this has made the times we live in great (Darby 46). The transport sector has been making greater advancements due to...
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A Research Dissertation Paper on Nanotechnology “Self Assembly”

1 Running Head: SELF-ASSEMBLY 16 SELF-ASSEMBLY A Research Dissertation Paper Submitted in the Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement for the {Insert your major} Self-Assembly Name Professor Institution Course Date Table of Contents General background 2 Properties of Peptide Nano/ Micro-tubes 4 Application of Peptide Nano/Micro tubes 6 Diphenylalanine 8 Forster Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET) 10 Principle of (FRET) 11 Application of FRET 13 Aim of the Experiment 14 Challenges 15 References 17 General background The term self-assembly can be explained as a branch from the Nano-technology whereby in this field,...
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My Worldview: “The Physics” Book by Art Hobson

Running head: MY WORLDVIEW 1 MY WORLDVIEW 4 My Worldview Name Institution Understanding your personal worldview is significant because it helps to understand your own philosophy. This is how we evaluate all aspects of life, the world around us and our place in it. Looking at the life of a man, it is difficult for him to believe in something that he cannot see, touch or feel. It is hard for him to understand and define terms like God, ethics, and knowledge, although they play a huge role in shaping...
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