Building an Energy Efficient Home

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Building an energy efficient home
The advancement of scientific knowledge in the modern world has enabled human persons to live a better life and more comfortable and less stressful lifestyle. It has solved numerous problems and advanced the living standards of human beings in different ways. Almost all the aspects of life of life have been improved in one or another ways and this has made the times we live in great (Darby 46). The transport sector has been making greater advancements due to scientific uplifting. Today, we cook in homes in a very comfortable and economical manner owing all to the steps that the scientists have made to make it a success. This paper will discuss how scientific advancement has made the economical part of man be better over time, especially in the building and construction field.
In the present world, building of a house is made easy in the sense that the materials that are usually employed in the construction have been scientifically made so effective and efficient that they have made it better and better to actually afford a cheap and a good house. A home where all the energy systems are running quite well becomes an efficient place to live in. in most of the modern homes, the energy use is so efficient that they are really enjoying their stay, courtesy of the steps that science has taken (Balaras 1298).
In most of the homes, the lighting system has been that of power saving bulbs. Whenever those bulbs are used, there is always saving of the energy, and this contributes to saving of funds and the resources that would otherwise be used to fund the power bulbs and the amount of power that is used in the non-power saving bulbs. Through scientific innovations and inventions, these bulbs have been invented and many people are in an economic position to purchase them. This has made life easier and cheaper. Many students and the young men are living in environments that are conducive for their studying needs. These bulbs have also been found that, if connected in a parallel manner, they save the energy further. This is really a great work of the field of science concerning the issue of energy (Armand et al 654).
There is a trend where most of the homes are now using solar panels as a source of energy. Solar energy has so many advantages and benefits over the hydroelectric and some other forms of energy. In addition to this, the solar energy is more reliable because the source is from the natural sun, which is available in abundance most times of the day. There are also no bills of power that are involved when one is using solar power. Many of the homes that have migrated to this form of energy use are now making their life better and better (Armand et al 656). The solar power is also free from impurities that are sources of human diseases unlike other sources like fossil fuels. This makes it a human friendly source of energy for humans in homes.
Some of the materials that I will use in constructing my house will be metals. This is because metal is a relatively durable material that will sustain my house for quite a long time and that which will be relatively cheaper compared to other materials. According to physics knowledge, metal is a material that is able to cope with the changes in the environment. In cases where the temperatures are too high, the metal expands and when it is cold, the metal is able to contract accordingly, and by doing so, the metallic substances or materials become good building products for they will safeguard my house against any attacks of changes in the environment (Gillingham et al 31).
Bricks are poor absorbers of heat. When used in the construction of a house, they always maintain the temperature of the house and thus make the home a conducive energy efficient place. The energy that is used in the house by cookers is not easily lost into the environment and this facilitates to the saving of energy or making the use of energy efficient. For example, in case of a charcoal cooker, the loss of energy through radiation is greatly minimized. In other words, the use of bricks in constructing a house makes that particular home energy efficient, which further improves the savings of the people in that home as well as the entire home (Gillingham et al 33).
Scientific advancements and in particular in the field of physics has in general made many homes a better place to stay. With the many studies and researches being carried out every day by scientists, in future there is hope of the world having very efficient energy systems in the homes. Science has been utilized by human beings in order to solve their problems, which have been hard on them for quite a long time in history, and which has made many of the development projects remain dormant. Indeed, science has made many things in life better, and especially in building field.
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