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Community Assessment – Medical Institution, Community Center

Community Assessment Community Assessment Question 3 There were various medical care facilities in the area accessible by a concrete road network. Public health department clinics, income based clinics, and community health centers were 11 in number. (“Free and Income Based clinics in Santa Ana, California, 2016”) These medical facilities offered services such as Dental clinic services and medical clinic services just to mention a few. From the information we got from various patients who we talked to in the centers we visited, a reflection of ethnic background by physicians is...
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Health Care: Chronic Pain Syndrome (CPPS)

Running head: HEALTH CARE 1 HEALTH CARE 4 Health Care Name Institution Professor Course Date Clemens et al, 2000 Purpose of the study Symptoms of male patients with chronic pain syndrome (CPPS) may be contributed by pelvic floor tension myalgia. Measures that lessen pelvic floor muscle spasm may therefore improve these symptoms. Nature of the subjects The mean age of the nineteen patients was thirty six years (range 18 to 67).Ten patients were present during all the six sessions. Brief outline of methods of study The first thing was to...
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Technology Assessment: ”Nanobots in Blood”

Running Head: TECHNOLOGY ASSESSMENT 1 TECHNOLOGY ASSESSMENT 5 Technology assessment Name Institution Professor Course Date ”Nanobots in blood” is one of the new technological requirements that I think would be effective to employ in the industry of healthcare (Thielst, 2007). These are tiny robots which need to be designed in a way such that they will be capable of fighting and destroying any bacteria in our bodies. This will be used in replacing white blood cells found in the blood. This technological advancement however is far from being realized. These...
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Capital Expenditure Proposal: Cash Flow Calculation

Running Head: CAPITAL EXPENDITURE 1 CAPITAL EXPENDITURE 3 Capital Expenditure Proposal Name Supervisor Institution Date of submission Capital Expenditure Proposal Capital expenditure is driven by various motives that an individual or group of people aims to actualize. Among the various strategic goalsfor the investment include: to network or market the business in different market segments; to come up with new and innovative products; to improve productivity andfinancial growth; and to enhance customer satisfaction. The key reason for spending capital is to be independent and develop in terms of finances and...
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Screening Test & Specificity and Value

Surname 4 Name Professor Course Date Screening test & specificity a) Hypothetical study (1000 patients) Tests (FBS and GIT) 100 patients with positive GTT (true case of diabetes) 140 patients with FBS (6mmol/l-cut-off point) (98 patients had a positive GTT) i. Sensitivity Sensitivity = Where TP (true positives) are the patients with the characteristic and tested positive and FN (false negatives) are patients with the characteristic and tested negative (Fletcher et al. 2012, pp. 461). Sensitivity = ii. Specificity Specificity= Where TN (true negatives) are the patients without the characteristic...
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Optician Profession in Canada

Running Head: OPTICIAN PROFESSION IN CANADA 1 5 OPTICIAN PROFESSION IN CANADA OPTICIAN PROFESSION IN CANADA Name: Institution: Course: Instructor: Date: Introduction Opticians play a critical role in Canada especially in serving the customers with eye problems. Optometry is among the best healthcare professionals, and they are governed by several codes of ethics and standards. Opticians are required to perform their duties with professionalism. They have an obligation to observe certain principles with the aim of providing quality care to the patients. Each province has a set of an institution...
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The Concept of Global Citizenship

Running head: THE CONCEPT OF GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP 1 THE CONCEPT OF GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP 5 NAME: INSTITUTION: DATE: A global citizen refers to a person who recognizes with being part of an arising world community and whose actions relatively contribute to the building of such community’s values and practices. With the rapid increase in global engagement there is the likely tendency of people identifying themselves as global citizens, with the creation of sense of belonging to a world community. This has been made possible by various factors revolving around the modern...
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Medicare Eligibility, Financing and Benefits

Running head: MEDICARE 1 MEDICARE 2 Medicare Eligibility, Financing and Benefits Name Professor Class Course Date MEDICARE Financing For patients considered to be eligible for PART A, the funding is done by taxing a 2.9 percentage on the workers and employers earnings. Taxation 1.45 percent is applied to each worker and employer. In addition, high-income tax payers are taxed more after the reform made in 2009 to account for a contribution of 200,000 USD per individual and 250,000 USD per couple. Consequently, Part A of Medicare accounts for almost 36...
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Treatment Methods for Nicotine Smokers

Student No: Running Head: STUDY DATA 1 STUDY DATA Name Institution Professor Course Date Use article by Kravlikova et al 2009. Question 1: total 40 marks 1.1 Research questions. 4 marks Which method is the most efficiency in the treatment of nicotine smokers leading smoking cessation or stop depending on tobacco? Which of the tobacco treatment method will show results within the shortest time possible? 1.2 Key characteristics of the study design 2 marks The study was done using qualitative and quantitative methods. It was carried out using double-blind, multicenter...
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The Affordable Care Act: Obamacare

Running head: THE AFFORDABLE CARE ACT 1 THE AFFORDABLE CARE ACT 2 The Affordable Care Act Name Professor Institution Course Date The Affordable Care Act Introduction The Affordable Care Act or what gains reference as Obamacare refers to a federal statue in the U.S that came into play to provide low income members of the U.S with health care insurance. The statute serves as the most significant regulatory change in the U.S health care system signed into law on 23rd March 2010. Enactment of ACA focused at increasing quality as...
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