Congress Strategies: The Ability to Pass Laws That Reflect the Will of the People

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Congress strategies
The key role of any government is to ensure that it serves its citizens effectively. In the quest of full filling this role, incentives have been created to ensure that the members of Congress pay special attention to the interest of their constituents. A good example of such an incentive is the ability to pass laws that reflect the will of the people. These laws are required to deal well with issues that affect national disasters. This means that the laws so passed follow the will of majority. The aspect of passing laws in favor of majority causes our electoral system to appear different. In the respect of passing laws that favors majority, the electoral system does not display proportional representation since only the majority’s interests are catered for.
Still on the incentives, it is found that re-election as an incentive plays a big role in the way Congress is organized and operates. The issue of being re-elected makes the member of Congress satisfy the needs of their districts since they know that is the only way to survive in the Congress. This raises the urge for them to be well organized so that their activities will be accepted by the citizens.
In the process of acquiring the attention of members such that they view the collective interest of Congress as an institution, congress sets up attainable goals and lay down strategies of achieving these goals. In other words, the making use of single collective interest to explain the overall objective of the party (Smith, Steven S, and Thomas F. pg.48). Lastly, Congress ensure that people accept it as an institution by focusing on the relationship between multiple interestsof its member which generates additional insight into congressional organization.
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