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Food and culture report



Reason for choosing this ethnic minority group approximate number of people belonging to this group living in the U.S.

Ethnicity refers to a mutual group identity on language, culture, religion or other social features. This means that people define their own ethnicity; that is everybody even including those who are not minor have an ethnicity hence a person’s ethnic identity may change from time to time. This paper talks about the Chuvash ethnic minority group living around the Eastern of the United States of America. The reasons for choosing this minority group is that it has a different national and cultural traditions from the main population. Secondly, the people themselves have got their own system of worship. They do not resemble the white people around hence their skin color is like that of the Africans. When it comes to eating habits, they take their meals together without leaving anyone outside. Lastly, the group speak Latin American which is different from the rest. The group has a low population capacity of approximately 2 million people. This is simply because the birth rate is lower than the death rate, making it a bit harder for the population to increase. The above characteristics of the community makes it to be unique and recognized from the rest of the people living around it (Ponterotto, & Casas, 1991).
Traditional food habits. Food preparation methods and seasonings Meal composition and cycle Foods associated with superstitions Foods used for therapeutic purposes Foods for traditional celebrations Dietary practices associated with religion
Although individuals who come to the United States from different parts of the globe tend to implement the Americans’ dietary practices to some extent, the dietary choices from various ethnic groups living in the United States continue to be influenced by the traditional food practices of their heritage. Here, the traditional food habits of the ethnic group is very different and unique. The eating habits here will be outlined through why and how the people eat, which food they eat, and with whom they eat as well as the ways people obtain food, store, and use and discard food (Hutnik, N. 1991).
Obviously, people eat food in order to live. The ethnic minority group discussed here take their food in groups as outlined above. When time comes for them to start eating, everybody is alerted by some chosen warriors who go round vacationing people to come and get food. After getting settled, the elders are served followed by the family heads. This is due to the respect shown to the community leaders. The women together with their young children follow then the youth are the last to eat. The process may be long but the group has adapted the style to the fullest. After everybody gets food, they eat it with their bare hands because the spoon slogan is a history to the community. Incase food remains and everyone has been satisfied, the remaining food is returned and well stored. The people are independent are they do not share their food with any other community around them (Riggins, 1992).
Food is obtained by different ways. They practice farming which is crop growing, keep some cattle, fishing, hunting and gathering. Their staple food is mainly obtained from crop growing. They are highly skilled in hunting and walk for long distances to fish in order to get food. After harvesting, the products are kept in well-designed stores and treatment is done to avoid them from being spoiled. When it comes to food consuming, the older harvest is used then the next follows in a systematic way. Food discarded is thrown away and life goes on.

The group prepare food in simple ways. They use heat from fire wood because they live near the forest. Those who prepare food are chosen from the active women in the group. It depends with the seasons which food to take because food here is consumed with in respect to the seasons. When it comes to traditional celebrations, there is food set for the event. They have to use traditional foods like millet, sorghum, sweet potatoes and cassava in respect to their ancestors. Food preparation is done by the elders because the rest of the people are said to be impure. Religion is still valued but not that much. The celebrations associated with religion are well done and there is specific food stuffs for the event (Atkinson, Morten, & Sue, 1998).
How easy/difficult has it been for the ethnic minority group to acculturate in the US
A lot of difficulties have occurred for the ethnic minority to acculturate to the United States culture. This is due to their mode of concentrated independence making them not to interact well with the other people (Spencer, & Markstrom?Adams, 1990). If this was not the case, adaptation and getting used would have worked in the positive way and the groups ongoing would also have been changed to make a step ahead and go on with life. According to me, the ethnic minority group will never assimilate to the United States culture. This is because the way the community controls itself is not the way things should be done. A lot of illiteracy and lack of critical thinking is the main delinquent which is supposed to be solved in order for the community to have some light.
Diseases associated with the diet of the group
The diet taken by the people here can have some disadvantages. For example, the diet may not be balanced due the conditions of life they live. Due to this, they can be affected by Marasmus which is caused by lack of a balanced diet in the body. This suggests that a lot of care and education should be offered to the people on the problems which occur when one fails to take a balanced diet should be spread to the people so that they can have the knowledge and understanding. Secondly, the people can be attacked by stomach ache and water related diseases like diarrhea due to the act of eating uncooked food ( King,, Castro, Wilcox, Eyler, Sallis, & Brownson, 2000).. This is clearly illustrated by the harsh climatic conditions in some seasons whereby the rains hinder them from accessing fire wood hence end up eating meat they get after fishing that way.
Advantages and disadvantages of the diet consumed
The diet consumed is fair and not that bad. It does not need a lot of struggle and stress to be obtained. This is because the people are well organized and food is not a problem to them. The diet does not bring about most of the infections around. The disadvantages about the diet is that when people do not go for fish, they only depend on the food from the crops which does not have a well-balanced diet. Secondly, the diet is not constant. This is due to lack of fish sometimes when they fail to go and get them. Thirdly, the diet sometimes may fail to work well in their body making them have some problems. The positivity about the situation is that it does not occur anyhow. In conclusion, ethnic minority groups have a disadvantage when it comes to some issues. To do away with all these, actions should be well taken in the shortest time possible.


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