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Use of Portfolio and Project Management Software Tool

Running head: TRAINING PLAN 1 TRAINING PLAN 2 Training Plan Name Institution Date Training Plan Use of Portfolio and Project Management Software Tool Introduction Project managers necessitate effective procedures and software’s in planning, monitoring and reporting projects. On the other hand, directors require the same procedures in overseeing the unit’s projects (Booth, 2011). This training will be focused on the use of portfolio and project administration software. By the end of this two hours session, the learners will be able to effectively use Portfolio and management software. Training Scope -...
Communication Strategies
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Leadership: Bad and Good Leader

Running Head: LEADERSHIP: CASE STUDY 3 1 LEADERSHIP: CASE STUDY 3 7 LEADERSHIP: CASE STUDY 3 Name Professor Institution Course Date Leadership: Case Study 3 The common query that is frequently raised during job interviews is “How do you intend to handle the current crisis facing the company?” What interviewers are checking out is which qualities the individual will bring to the company. A leader is expected to work hard towards solving problems facing the organization even if it means changing company policies as long as the decision seeks to...
Communication Strategies
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Crisis Communication Post: Guided Discussion

Running head: CRISIS COMMUNICATION POST #10 (GUIDED DISCUSSION) 1 CRISIS COMMUNICATION POST #10 (GUIDED DISCUSSION) 2 Crisis Communication Post #10 (Guided Discussion) Name Institution Professor Course Date Crisis Communication Post #10 (Guided Discussion) Unplanned crisis in an organization can have devastating impacts on the business, crisis such as natural calamities or a fire among others could make things very rough for employees making it even impossible to carry out the normal daily activities of the business. Most businesses are not well prepared for crisis and when it strikes they end...
Communication Strategies
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Verbal and Nonverbal Therapeutic Communication

Surname 1 Name: Professor: Course: Date: Therapeutic Communication Therapeutic communication is a process through which the nurses use to influence and help the clients and patients to have a better understanding through verbal or non-verbal communication. Therapeutic communication is one of the face-to-face communicating processes of interacting with nurses and clients or patients that helps in advancing the physical and emotional well-being. In the health facilities, nurses use therapeutic communication skills to provide support and information to clients and patients. Therapeutic communication includes the use of carefully chosen communication interventions...
Communication Strategies
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Interpersonal Communication Is the Basis for All Interpersonal Relationships

Running head: INTERPERSONAL COMMUNICATION IN RELATIONSHIPS 1 INTERPERSONAL COMMUNICATION IN RELATIONSHIPS 10 Interpersonal Communication in Relationships Name Professor Course Institution Date Interpersonal communication is the basis for all interpersonal relationships. Interpersonal communication involves communication between small groups of people. It is characterized by a more individualized and personal communication than the kind of communication that takes place among larger groups of people. Intimate relationships require a more personal communication. In fact, personal communication is the key to a long-lasting and healthy relationship. If couples don’t communicate at a more personal...
Communication Strategies
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“Breakfast Club” Movie Review

Running Head: BREAKFAST CLUB MOVIE REVIEW BREAKFAST CLUB MOVIE 6 Communication strategy Name Professor Institution Course Date Introduction Generally breakfast club is a movie that takes place inside Shermer high school where five dissimilar students; Claire Standish(the princes), Allison Reynolds(the basket case), Andy Clark(the athlete), Brian Johnstone (the brain) and John Bender(the criminal) though not from the same race sentenced to spend a Saturday detainment session together. The five though not complete strangers are from different social groups and receive punishment via the school disciplinary board (Coats, 2016). The school...
Communication Strategies
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Organizational Learning & Knowledge Management

Running head: ORGANIZATION LEARNING AND KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT 1 ORGANIZATION LEARNING AND KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT 6 Organizational Learning & Knowledge management Student’s Name Institution Affiliation Date Management Perspective Knowledge management deals with creation, usage, dissemination and management of information in an organization through use of technological novelties like email, intranets. In relation to management, knowledge management is defined to encompass any practice or process that concerns itself with creation, capturing, acquisition, sharing and utilization of knowledge, expertise and skills within an organization (Alvesson & Kärreman, 2001, p.996). From management’s perspectives, knowledge management...
Communication Strategies
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Informative Speech on How to Keep Your Heart Health

Surname 2 Name Professor Course Date Informative speech on how to keep your heart health Have your ever experienced a health issue with your heart? How did you go about it? Currently, the number of people affected by heart health problems has abruptly increased. This should not worry you anymore since they are ways in which a person can make sure that he/she keeps his/her heart health ((Perk, Joep et al 1641). All this lies in the idea of having a change in lifestyles. To start with, exercising should be...
Communication Strategies
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Relationships: Social Penetration Theory

Running head: SOCIAL PENETRATION THEORY 1 SOCIAL PENETRATION THEORY 8 Social Penetration Theory Name Professor Course Institution Date Introduction The social penetration theory states that as relationships starts and through opening up it grows.This is a process that entails self-disclosure as people become close to each other and with time being even able to share about their private life (Gibbset al., 2006). The theory aims at giving an understanding of how two people get to be close to each other with time. This theory makes assumptions on how relationships develop...
Communication Strategies
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The Opportunity to Meet and Love Anyone

Surname 1 Name Professor Course Date I am really so sorry for you are in this situation. I think one should be able to date and love whoever he/she may want not limited to the background or skin color even without family tormenting them. There are two options that I would advise you to do: You can choose to be honest to your parents, or you can date him secretly. I would not suggest the second option since dating secretly can be emotionally exhausting and difficult. It may be hard...
Communication Strategies
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