Crisis Communication Post: Guided Discussion


Crisis Communication Post #10 (Guided Discussion)






Crisis Communication Post #10 (Guided Discussion)
Unplanned crisis in an organization can have devastating impacts on the business, crisis such as natural calamities or a fire among others could make things very rough for employees making it even impossible to carry out the normal daily activities of the business. Most businesses are not well prepared for crisis and when it strikes they end up losing some of the most important customers or closing the business altogether. However, with good planning it is easy to take steps in order to minimise the damage caused by the crisis or even prevent it from coming at all.
It is advisable for businesses to prepare for crisis in advance to be able to deal with the impact of the attack and failure to plan could be disastrous. A crisis action plan for a business is an important aspect in the business. Shortly after releasing iPhones 6 into the markets, Apple was faced by a shortage crisis that they did not expect at all and it came as a surprise due to the high demand of iPhones 6. The reason behind the shortage was because of the amid pre-orders from the Japanese suppliers of the backlight module. However, Kuo says that Apple is working hard to resolve the shortage supplies crisis by transferring the backlight module to other suppliers who are more efficient.
This move will see the supplies increase by 80%. Out of what the company expected the iPhone 6 plus sales are higher than expected and the demand is getting stronger than planned. Even with the high demands, Apple should have been able to meet the demands if only they had a plan in place to provide large amounts of supplies. Having a shortage could intensify the demand of the iPhone.

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