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Discussion board 1
The idea of object-oriented programming is a significant element that requires more innovation to come up with a program from scratch. The developer controls everything that is set up and knows every aspect of it. Because the element is an implementation and discovery that a person develops and highlights all aspects and the correlations that will exist to allow the program to be functional. When the developer establishes the program, the common units that facilitate the operation of the system will be the basis that will coordinate the functions. This implies that the developer knows every aspect of the program. As compared to the creation story found in Genesis chapter one, God was a perfect creator of everything on earth. From the beginning, God knew how the universe would look like and just made the earth in his perfect will.
Furthermore, God knows the beginning and the end of everything on earth. The developer once the new program has been developed knows all aspects of it from scratch to the sophisticated components (Smith, 2015). This knowledge is what helped the developer to set up the system. Thus, there is no way it can be a challenge to intricate any arising problem in the system. Although the object-oriented program can be very technical to come up with, the developer will always have a firsthand information as to where the system needs to be fixed. Just like how the created beings operate in coordinating different activities, the object-oriented programs will also have to undertake various roles to develop the best out of it efficiently. As a matter of fact, the objects will require each other for proper operations. Failure of one component will imply that the entire system will not perform adequately. In the society, human beings will depend on each other for survival. For example, children depend on their parents for provision and ultimate care.

Discussion board 2
In one way or the other, many activities will highly rely on each other for efficient operations. It is not possible for one component to function on its own without depending on the other. Even though some processes might seem to depict a less important feature, it ought to be considered just as it is. The smaller functional roles that such operations undertake is what contribute to the proper functioning of the larger system. For instance, human beings need to interact with each other to ensure that there is a coordinated relationship controlled by shared interests.it is this common interests that will bind people to work as a team. With object oriented programming the same applies (Graham et al., 2001). For the system, to completely function as per the requirements, there should be other smaller components that contribute significantly to the proper functioning of the system.
As compared to the creation story, the same coordination is essential in making various activities complete. The created creatures depended on each other to be complete. For instance, God had to create darkness so that light could exist. The perfect combination that God made during creation is what enhances life that people lead today. Even the small microorganism that might appear to have no benefit in the ecosystem is very significant. There is nothing under the sun that can be complete without depending on another. In our case, the concept behind object oriented programming is what the creator first implemented and accepted it to be the way he wanted. Through the interconnection that different systems have, we will have a proper channel of coordination and proper functioning.

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