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Encapsulation and Information Hiding




There are so many programming languages these days one of them is Object-oriented programming it represents concepts such as objects that have attributes that talk more about the object and methods which are the associated procedures. This programming language has four principles: Inheritance this is where an object can inherit another objects interface and possibly implement it as well. The new class will be the sub class of the class that existed which was the super class. The sub class can add any more information but it should not delete anything that existed in the superclass. Abstraction is the process where on hides some information and just expose the important features of a certain object without adding what is in its background. Polymorphism is an instance where one can make more than one form or when an operation displays different behaviours in different instances. The other principle is encapsulation where one hides the objects in the class and this helps so much when it comes to updating or replacing objects.

In the bible there are various instances where encapsulation has been used and there is some hidden information that it is so difficult to realise among this is when Jesus walked on water and Peter was unable to walk on it, Jesus rose the dead we don’t understand the science behind that when he fed the five thousand people with two five and five loaves of bread. Scientifically it is not possible but it is written there were twelve baskets of left overs. There is also a lot of Gods wisdom words with hidden .The Apostles of Jesus Christ healed the sick through the power of Christ in the sense that they had faith that they could heal and through what they had been taught they had an understanding they could heal but it is so hard for one to know there was some hidden information behind their healing.

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