Bank of America Corporation, HPQ Information Company, Dell Computer Company

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Bloomberg work

Bank of America Corporation being a bank holding company and financial holding company in United States can properly utilize $200,000 by increasing loans to the customers raising the returns from interests.
World Finance Corporation can use $200,000 to increase its holdings to reach more countries to increase the number of customers under its holdings. This will raise the income to the company.
HPQ Information Company can utilize $200,000 to develop its personal systems of supplying its information products to reach larger market. Expanding its premises will ensure increased revenues to the company.
Dell Computer Company has its products used worldwide with its computers being used by a lot of people. $200,000 can help Dell increase the production to supply more products to its customers.
Occidental Petroleum Corporation can help recover the loss of $6.78 per diluted share experienced in the year 2015. The company can use the $200,000 to up its investments and cover the loss.
Since XOOM energy company can use the $200,000 to move its services and cover 100% of states in United States. The company currently offers its services to 90% of the disintegrated states in America. This will increase company holding thus income and expansion.
$200,000 can boost the sales to the customers with the company being the leading in electronic sales in the United States. Best Buy Co Inc (BBY.N) company can reach more countries outside United States since it only serves Mexico and Canada.
Sears Holdings Corp. (NASDAQ: SHLD) can use the $ 200,000 amount to push through its new presidential focus on the issue of retailer’s member-centric strategy. The company can ease the constant struggles in their store chain department.
With Eli Lilly Permaceautical Company still suffering the $515 million loss they incurred in 2009 when they were fined for illegally marketing Zyprexa, the company can use the amount to recover the loss.
Abt laboratories can use $200,000 to conduct more research on their products. Research will help improve the quality of their drugs which can prove a booster to the health care sector. The company can also invent new drugs through research.
UPS Freight Transport Company can make use of $200,000 to expand its transport fleet to be in a position to increase its supply power. A large fleet will make possible to transport big loads to its customers.
DAL Transport Inc can use $200,000 to build new destinations which can make it possible to reach more customers and serve their own customers better. The new destination can help the company handle the issues of the customers to improve their services.
CBS Telecommunication Company can use $200,000 to expand to reach international market. The company currently operates locally.
Dish Network Company can utilize $200,000 to expand the satellite services to outside United States and be in a position to reach more people. The company can as well install new satellite to reach customers in varied areas.
AIG insurance company can make use of $200,000 to give incentives to their customers in an attempt to promote loyalty and invite new customers to remain on top.
HIG insurance company provides insurance services in Florida. The company can use the amount to move its services outside Florida.
PG Staples company having around 2,000 stores worldwide, the company can use $200,000 to establish new stores in the world to increase sales.
KR Staples Company being a management consulting service can use $200,000 to open up new consulting centers to better serve its customers.
UTX traditional conglomerate being a growing company can use the amount to increase its investment to secure a larger market.
Honeywell Conglomerate Company can make use of $200,000 to increase its 3% dividend yield in the market.

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