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How to Turn a Good Company Into a Great One?

Surname 1 Presentations To achieve and maintain the culture of greatness in every company that you manage, as a leader, you should focus on various factors to change a company from being just good to great. Companies that have made their way to being great to have usually paid little attention in managing change, the motivation of employees or even creating alignment. If the right conditions exist, these factors that are usually considered major will largely be melted away, and it will be possible to instill core values and resolve....
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Ethical Dilemmas of Baidu Company

Surname 4 Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Ethical Dilemmas of Baidu Company Introduction Baidu is the biggest search engine in China and it has a reputation of censoring from other search engines. The company is based in Beijing and it has been named as one of the notorious markets in terms of privacy and infringement of copyrights. The company has a huge number of internet users and the efforts of Google to redirect their web to Hong Kong only resulted in the doubling of the share price in the company. However,...
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Change in Deloitte: Leadership Change

Running Head: CHANGE IN DELIOTTE 1 CHANGE IN DELOITTE Change in Deloitte Name Institution Professor Course Date Project overview Deloitte’s change in management is a process that is very critical, helping transition in an organization of firm to level that is new efficiency and the quality of the operation, hence driving development and the development of the firm. Change management in the Deloitte is aimed at assisting the stakeholders to embrace and accept changing that is present in the surrounding of where they are operating (Wu, Chen, & Lee, 2016). ...
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Investigating the Social Media: Marketing Strategies of Nightclubs

IJM.indb Club 2.0: Investigating the Social Media Marketing Strategies of Nightclubs in the Midlands and West of Ireland FRIEDA NEVIN* AND ANN M. TORRES* ABSTRACT Social media is already an established feature in the marketing strategies of large global brands. This study explores how the social media success stories of large global brands may be emulated on a smaller scale by nightclubs in the midlands and west of Ireland. The topic is explored from both consumer and organisation perspectives. Focus groups were conducted with target consumers and in-depth interviews were...
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Cybercrime: Security Breach at TJX

Running head: SECURITY BREACH AT TJX SECURITY BREACH AT TJX Security Breach at TJX Name Professor Institution Course Date Cyber crooks involves illegal intrusion to a computer system and getting access or altering the computer files. Retail industry is faced with great vulnerability to attacks and hacking. TJX fell a victim of ingenious cyber crooks. This was due to its reliance on weak encryption technology that put the confidentiality and privacy of its customer’s personal information at risk. TJX being one of the largest off-price stores, had to employ internal...
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Analysis O Software SPSS (PASW)

Running head: PART 2: ANALYSIS O SOFTWARE SPSS (PASW) 1 PART 2: ANALYSIS O SOFTWARE SPSS (PASW) 8 PART 2 OF SPSS (PASW) SOFTWARE ANALYSIS Name: Institution: Professor: Course: Date: PART 2 OF SPSS (PASW) SOFTWARE ANALYSIS Introduction Few areas have been affected by technological advancement more dramatically than the methods for the display of results of experimentation and inquiry for tables, maps, drawings, graphs, charts and photographs. The changes have significantly increased the flexibility authors take for effective presentation of results. Using figures and tables, enables authors to show...
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Does Exercise Help Lower Sugar Levels?

Running head: APPLICATION OF DATA ANALYSIS 1 APPLICATION OF DATA ANALYSIS 2 Application of Data Analysis Serena Mahoney C214 01/14/2016 Most health care professionals who focus on patient safety are very much familiar with statistics that are alarming and frequently cited from the Medicine institute. Errors made by medical practitioners result to death of patients ranging from 44,000 to 98,000 in a year. One of the ways to provide good care and treatment of diabetics is by exercising and having appropriate diet. Hospitals advocate the use of correct diet and...
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Bank of America Corporation, HPQ Information Company, Dell Computer Company

Running Head: BLOOMBERG WORK 1 2 BLOOMBERG WORK Bloomberg work Name Professor Institution Course Date Bank of America Corporation being a bank holding company and financial holding company in United States can properly utilize $200,000 by increasing loans to the customers raising the returns from interests. World Finance Corporation can use $200,000 to increase its holdings to reach more countries to increase the number of customers under its holdings. This will raise the income to the company. HPQ Information Company can utilize $200,000 to develop its personal systems of supplying...
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High-performance Work System

Running Head: HIGH-PERFORMANCE WORK SYSTEM 1 HIGH-PERFORMANCE WORK SYSTEM 4 High-performance Work System Name Institution Professor Course Date High-performance work system involves the right combination of people, technology, and organizational structure to utilize organization’s resources and consequently achieve the goals of the organization. The elements of high performance, which include people, task design, organization structure, reward system and information systems must work together to ensure success in the organization. The elements must also fit together for the smooth functioning of the entire system. Amazon, Inc. is one such organization that...
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My Resume for Recruitment

Name: Postal Address: State (city): Date: To Whom It May Concern, Dear Sir/Madam RE: REQUEST FOR A JOB I am kindly writing to express my interest for a job in your organization. I have a Master’s degree in Strategic Management and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. I intend to incorporate my wide range of knowledge and skills to enable your company to meet its set goals and objectives. I have proficient Information Technology skills, a capability for logical negotiation and managing complex situations. My native language is Arabic, but...
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