High-performance Work System


High-performance Work System

High-performance work system involves the right combination of people, technology, and organizational structure to utilize organization’s resources and consequently achieve the goals of the organization. The elements of high performance, which include people, task design, organization structure, reward system and information systems must work together to ensure success in the organization. The elements must also fit together for the smooth functioning of the entire system.
Amazon, Inc. is one such organization that has maintained a high-performance work system. It recruits employees based on the needs of particular departments. It ensures career development of workers through continuous training and development (Chan, 2015). Employees are grouped into units and given individual work or as teams. The organization uses performance measures to rate employees, and the best employees are rewarded through incentives and motivations.
Encouraging teamwork can be used to contribute to high performance in an organization since when employees come together they bring the aspect of sharing knowledge (Chan, 2015). They bring various skills and experience and at the same time come up with problem-solving strategies. Human resources can also be coupled with technology to improve efficiency and complete the tasks performed by individuals. Technology also enables the organization to share information widely hence high performance.
Amazon’s decision to use a high-performance work system has produced positive outcomes as shown by high productivity and efficiency. The corporation has been reporting significant profits as a result of high product quality (Chan, 2015). Customers have also shown greater satisfaction and employees are satisfied and have reported low turnover. A high-performance system is, therefore, paramount to any organization that wants to achieve its goals. An organization must, therefore, be flexible and make necessary changes.

Chan, I. (2015). Examining the cost of Amazon. Com’s success using the triple bottom line (Doctoral dissertation, Humboldt State University).

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