How to Turn a Good Company Into a Great One?

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To achieve and maintain the culture of greatness in every company that you manage, as a leader, you should focus on various factors to change a company from being just good to great. Companies that have made their way to being great to have usually paid little attention in managing change, the motivation of employees or even creating alignment. If the right conditions exist, these factors that are usually considered major will largely be melted away, and it will be possible to instill core values and resolve. Having the right type of leadership is fundamental in turning a company that performs just well into a better one. These types of leaders normally have a quiet, self-effacing and reserved personality, and they are always humble and willing to commit themselves to attain their professional goals. For a company to take the first step to becoming great, a leader should be able to identify the right people that may help in driving the growth of the company. Besides, he should be able to place the right people in their proper roles to enhance performance and drive the company to greatness. Additionally, a leader should be able to have a firm confidence in himself while taking the company through the process of becoming a great one. A good leader should be able to pay little attention to the challenges that may come while maintaining the discipline to face the hard challenges of the current situation. Furthermore, for a company to achieve greatness, the leader should be able to overcome the curse of competency. If a company cannot emerge as the best in its core business, then it is impossible to the lay the foundation of greatness. A leader should be able to do the things that he has deep and genuine feelings for and only then can he be the best at what he does. Also, he should have a knowledge of what the company’s business core and find out the things that the company can be best. Moreover, the leader should have an understanding of what drives the economic engine of the company.

A company should be able to maintain a culture of discipline. Without disciplined personnel, a company cannot turn out to be great. With disciplined characters and thought, there is less need for administration and excessive controls. A culture of discipline combined with an ethic of entrepreneurship, a company will be able to endure greatness in terms of performance. Additionally, a great company should be able to perceive the role that is played by technology in a great manner. A company’s technology should never be used as a means of facilitating change. Additionally, technology should be selected in a careful manner. For leaders to endure greatness in the companies they manage, they should be able to identify their core values as well as their purpose which is the core ideology and combine these with the self-motivation of reserving these core ideologies to facilitate progress.

CNA financials and Aramark

I learned that CNA builds its ethical standards by obeying the law both in the letter as well as in spirit. A company should be able to obey the laws and regulations of the country in which it operates its businesses. The company expects all of its employees to understand enough about the laws for them to know the appropriate time when they should seek advice from their superiors. Besides, the company provides a wide liability for conducting insider trading. For instance, the company has provided a general rule that any person who has insider information should refrain from trading in the company and he/she may not disclose this information to people that might use it for trading purposes.

CNA is a company that seeks to outperform their rivals in the market in a fair and honest manner. The company also seeks to gain a competitive advantage through having a superior performance rather than illegal or through unethically business practices. Moreover, the company does not allow the inappropriate use of trademarked information of other companies without their approval.

Aramark, on the other hand, is a company that manages its relationships with other companies well. The businesses of this company are contract based therefore there is always a substantial demand for surety bonds for the works that are done by this company.

Dow Chemical Company

The success of Dow chemical company is founded on the ethical leadership of the company which in turn increases its competitiveness in the industry. The management team of the company is committed to maintaining firm standards of governance which seek to represent the interests of the company as well as that of its shareholders. Also, the company drives various inventions which help address most of the challenging issues in the business world and ways of enhancing agricultural productivity. The company carries out its global operations through various global businesses that are operated in different segments of operation. Moreover, the company’s operating structure doubles the company’s integration benefits. I have also learned that the company competes with regards to leadership, technology, quality and price as well as cost competitiveness. Additionally, competitors from their segment of infrastructure solutions are comprised of large international chemical companies and regional as well as the local competitors. Also, their products segment is comprised of unique features that are necessary for a high level of customer satisfaction and skills from their sales force. This also implies that the company has positioned itself well enough to withstand competition.

21st-century fox

21st-century fox is the world’s leading collection of broadcast, cable, pay TV, film and satellite assets covering six continents across the world. The company has also increased pay for its top executive leaders. This raise in compensation is a reflection of their higher bonuses, new duties and the change in the value of the pension. The company has also experienced challenges as it saw its value of shares fall and a decline in revenue as the company is trying to handle changes in the way the media is managed as well as paid.

Norfolk Southern

Norfolk Southern Corporation is a leading company in the provision of transportation services in the Northern America. Besides, it carries out extensive operations through its intermodal network of the transportation of automotive, coals and industrial products in the East. Also, the company’s suppliers are important for the business operations of Norfolk Southern. The company values the relationships it keeps with its suppliers, and they are both committed to enhancing services, quality, and timeliness at profitable prices. I have observed that its business relationships with its suppliers are based on honest, far and ethical practices. Furthermore, its sourcing department ensures that all the equipment that are needed for its operations are secured. Also, the company has learned to negotiate with its suppliers as well as its service providers. Moreover, the company establishes its sources for new materials, makes deliveries promptly and disposes of its surplus and materials that are outdated.


CareFusion is a global company that serves the healthcare sector with services and products that assist the medical institutions in improving the quality of care and safety of patients. The company has established some of the leading technologies in the industry as well as an extended product line to provide support to interventional medicine.

Well Fargo

Wells Fargo is a company that is committed to building long lasting relations with its customers. The company assists its customers by placing local teams to help them keep their businesses on track. The company has endured success through combining their products, services with their time-tested stability and strength. The company is focused on achieving its goals as well as those of its customers through gathering useful customer information using their extensive program of customer feedback. This helps them to become aware of the changing conditions in the market as well as the business priorities.


Jim Kock is a leader who believes that innovation is a factor that can be used to drive business to success. Also, he believes in the kind of leadership where the best people with skills should be employed for effective and efficient work results. The best employees should be the ones who are equipped with creativity and proper skills. According to him, a company should be able to focus on customer experience, and also it should give the employees a chance of accessing themselves as craftsmen.

Mark Zuckerberg leads with passion and has always been passionate about utilizing technology to facilitate the connection of people. Also, he leads with purpose and ensures that is a company has a purpose, a sense of belonging will be bred to the employees and as a result, an intense customer loyalty will be sparked off. Besides, he believes that companies should allow its employees to be innovative and encourage them to take risks. Also, a great company should be able to form partnerships and that leaders should be able to identify their weaknesses and involve the right relationships to drive the company to success.

Angela Arhendts has driven the company to success by targeting a market that is more youthful. Besides, she has an employee base that communicates to the audience in a language that they understand. Also, she believes that a leader should do the best in what he/she does. Additionally, she has ensured that her working team is connected and letting them know of the coming strategies to maximize their performance. Moreover, she has used a two-way conversation tactic to ensure that people with the best talent are recruited.

Andrew Wilson is a leader that has worked at transforming the worst performing company in the US. He has done this by overcoming the challenges to drive the company from being the worst to being among the best. He has been able to understand the core values of the business better as well as of his customers to drives the company’s growth.

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