How a Good Leader Becomes Great?



How a good leader becomes great

How a good leader becomes great
Leadership is an integral part of organizations in the modern world. Both private and public organizations are striving to establish leadership programs or install leaders with adept leadership skills and thus transforming them to great leaders. The connection between leadership and becoming a leader is significant as it illustrates the leadership qualities. The video is particularly intriguing, especially on the context of behavioral manifestations. One especially important point that had an impression and caused self-reflection was when he states the importance of an individual understanding their manifestation of emotions. Lack of understanding how you manifest emotions is usually the foundation of sometimes making unhealthy choices which can restrict the transformation into a great leader. Another particularly derivative from the video is when he highlights the importance of “know to how to cope with your stress, to manage your emotions”. Having a coping mechanism is vital when considering emotional intelligence. It is vital for a leader to have a way of managing problems in a leadership status.
Notably, the chapter reflects or resonates on the Dr. Alder’s views on leadership in the video. In particular, the importance of managing stress and thus creating emotional intelligence is vital in creating connections between being a leader and having leadership qualities. The one ah-ha moment I noted from the book was exemplified by the quote “Sit down before fact as a little child, be prepared to give up every preconceived notion, follow humbly wherever and to whatever abyss nature leads, or you shall learn nothing”. The quote calls for patience which in relation to the video which calls for leaders to grasp and understand their limitation. Giving up every preconceived notion can sometimes result to frustration which if an individual has the ability to control emotions, can tolerate.
In reflection from the text, I can note that the connection between leadership and leader is diverse. Making a good leader great is not a process that only requires increased leadership skills but rather a combination of numerous factors. In the text, there is a high of an important factor being education, family and also ambition. “I learned my sense of quality performance from grandmother” by Aviator Brooke Knapp is a standout quote on the diverse contributions to a great. In line with these diverse contributions is the grasp on emotional intelligence especially “self-awareness”. Both the text and the video depict that the connection between a good and great leaders depends on many factors. It is vital for any leader to have a self-analysis on the 3 secret emotions.
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Comment on Keiko Hawkins’ post
I like the introduction to your post Keiko, especially the emphasis on the importance of having emotional intelligence by stating your problem with sometimes keeping your emotions in check. In addition, your keenness to take the self-evaluation test on the three emotional management techniques is an illustration of understanding the video’s message; it is also a sign of a leader. Knowing your emotions is the foundation of understanding other people’s emotions. I also enjoyed reading your willingness to deal with irritation and the problem of rage which can sometimes affect an individual’s decision making.
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A well-written post! Understanding ones emotions and behavioral manifestations is important as you have illustrated in your post. Healthy choices are supremely the consequences of adequate emotional control that also assist in the making of a great leader. A notable point in your post is the understanding of strengths and weaknesses. As a great leader, it is not enough to simply understand your behavioral manifestations, but also understand where your weaknesses and strengths lie and how to cope with them. I also liked your emphasis on learning from experience. In many situations, experiences are usually the primal need.

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