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A pubic leader can be defined as an individual who assumes and holds a particular public office, and is tasked on providing community guidance. A good public leader should poses a variety of positive leadership qualities for him to excel and serve accordingly. Examples of good qualities include good communication skills, honesty, and integrity.
Part 1
Malcom and Kirk’s leadership styles differs in several ways. Malcom is an authoritative leader while Kirk is an affiliative leader. Kirk works very hard to create some emotional bonds between her junior staffs. This bond brings about a feeling of belonging among the workers. Malcom, on the other hand, focuses on the ultimate goal of the company but leaves the execution of duties at individual level.
Kirk’s leadership is the best since she is keen to involve her fellow staff in the decision making process in the company. This has been seen in Alliance strategy meeting where she and junior employees brainstorm about the new strategies that need to be put in place in order to get more profit in the company (“Day in the Life of Kirk Arnold,” n.d.). On the other side, Malcom seems not to involve his junior staff in the decision making process, rather, he imposes his own system and ideas to the workers.
Malcom is much of a coercive leader but Kirk is a democratic. This has been noticed during the 8 a.m. operations meeting where she was exited on the achievements of the group and encouraged them to work extra harder and to maintain the same energy. This is a good leadership attribute. Malcom did not seem to notice the tremendous efforts that his team is putting on the ground. I his speeches, he is much concerned with profit making and ignores other aspects such motivating those involved in making the profits.
What are the strengths and challenges of each of them as leaders?
The biggest strength that Malcom has is the ability to lead in an authoritative manner. This ensures that the team sticks on the vision and the vision of the company. The style also helps to inspire workers especially in a small firm like the Nerve wire.
An affiliative leadership style is of great importance in a small growing firm since it helps create trust between the leader and workers. Kirk is able to neutralise the authoritative style of Malcom and bring a harmonised working environment where workers can feel a sense of belonging especially during stressful periods.
Kirk’s style of leadership can bring mediocrity among the staff due to constant praising. This can also cause lack of direction in the workers. Constant praising may make the employees relax on their duties and lose focus. This may because the company not realise its goals hence leading to a collapse.
Malcom leadership style may not fit where the staff are not experienced in the task and have been newly recruited in the company. When dealing with such new and inexperienced workers, the leader should be a coaching leader, patient enough to give advice to the juniors.
Who do you think is the better leader – Malcolm or Kirk?
In my opinion, I think Kirk is a better leader.
Whom would you rather work for?
I would rather work for Kirk. This is because of her ability to work in a team and deliver great results.
Who would you rather have work for you?
Malcom would rather work for me. I a competitive business environment, quality should be a guarantee.
Part 2
Positive leadership qualities
· Communication
· Decision
· Honesty
· Integrity
· Approachability
· Consistency
· Trust
Negative leadership qualities
· Indecisive
· Discipline
· arrogant
· Inexperience
Decision-making is in both qualities. It is in the positive side because am able to make good decision in a short period of time and this helps group that am leading move on swiftly towards achieving a goal. It is on the negative side because I fail to involve other parties.
There are more qualities on the positive column and this implicates that am a better leader. However, I should work on my weaknesses to get the best of me and improve my leadership skills.
Least undesired qualities
· Indiscipline
· Indecisive
· Arrogant
There are 11 qualities (positive and negative). This is a high number of leadership qualities. This means that am a flexible leader. I have my strengths and flaws. This also means that I can be able to lead people from different religious and cultural backgrounds and ensure that I do not hurt their feelings.
I believe I can myself irrespective of the negative qualities mentioned above. I should ensure that I maximise on my strengths and work extra hard to improve my weaknesses. A good leader should not expose his weaknesses in public. I should involve those that I lead in every decision making stage. This will give them a sense of belonging and feel appreciated.
This exercise suggests that I should improve on my leadership style by improving on my weaknesses as a leader. What makes me an effective public leader is the ability to communicate effectively to my followers and make critical decisions when needed. Communication is the key to good leadership and every public leader should strive to improve his or her communication skills. Honesty and Integrity are also important where an individual is dealing with public funds. Honesty has helped me ensure that public funds are kept safe and are not embezzled.
Part 3
Michael Maccoby would interpret this late night tweets as the nasalism of the highest order. He would definitely see him through the Freudian lenses because Trump has proven to be so hard to compare. He would have pointed out the dark side of narcissists such as the ability to cause imminent threats to others because of their celebrity personalities. Owen and Hekman would have interpreted it as arrogance. Leaders should be humble enough to accept mistakes and beg for forgiveness. The two authors stresses on humility as a core leadership quality in any individual.
I agree that Donald Trump is a narcissist in the context. This is because he wants to prove his dominance in all fields and be famous for holding a grudge against others. He wants to hold a grudge on Machado by urging the voters to see the sex tape she was featured on “As America Sleeps, Donald Trump Seethes on Twitter – NYTimes.com,” n.d.). He is also arrogant and unapologetic when questioned about the late night tweets. He arrogantly responds to claims saying that he would always be awake 3 a.m. in the morning to answer calls from citizens.
Narcissism can have both positive and negative impacts on the society. Productive narcissist are innovators in their organisations and they work hard to bring the best in them. They are also fuelled by the zeal to learn many new activities and want to be associated with success. The negative effects include arrogance and selfishness. These people do not want to respect the law and always feel they are above the law.

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