Hardware: What Is a Computer Made Of?


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1. Take pictures of the following
1) Your team

2) Front of system unit

3) Back of system unit

4) Motherboard

5) Pictures when installing memory

6) CPU

7) Adapter card(s)

8) Other hardware pieces of interest


Drive bay

1. Document Front of System Unit:
• What openings are on the front of the computer?
On the opening of the front of a computer, there is a CD or DVD drive that is opened using a pressing a small button near the door of its drive. There is also USB ports and media readers. USB port allows plugging in of USB devices such as flash drives, external hard drives or cable. Also, there are common ports for memory media which allows one to insert memory cards to access what is inside it.
• What kinds of storage media can be used with this computer?
Various storage devices can be used with this computer. Floppy Disk Drive allows a user in saving data to removable diskettes, and hard disk drive that permanently stores and recovers information.
• Are there any openings for inserting new hard drives?
Yes. The openings for inserting new hard drive requires four screws on the side or bottom of the drive and then mounting it and then connect a couple of cables then format it and it will be ready for use.

2. Document Ports on Front and Back:
1. Create a table listing possessing the name of each port, how many available, and what they are used for. Take brief notes.
Name of port
Number of port

Digital Video Interface(DVI)
Connects flat panel LCD monitor to a given computer’s high-end video under study graphic cards.

Socket Port
Connects microphone and speakers.

Power connector
Connects to the computer’s power cable to the wall socket.

Serial Port
Used for external modems and computer mouse.

Used to keyboard and mouse

Connects the monitor to a computer’s video card.

Connects to a network and high-speed internet.

Parallel port
Used for scanners and printers.

Can connect all types of external USB devices such as printers, external hard drive, etc.

2) Adapter Cards
i) What adapter cards are on your computer? What are they used for?
• Video cards- allow one to see and interface with what you are doing on your computer. They generate graphics to be shown and send the final signal out of the monitor, screen or projector.
• Multimedia cards-includes sound cards which generate audio signals to be sent to your speakers and sound system.
• I/O cards-Add an extra functionality to your current motherboard.
• Communications cards-They generally used to give you access to the wired Ethernet networks between 10Mbit and 1Gbit connection speed.
ii) How much space does the motherboard have for additional adapter cards?
The only space that remains for an addition adapter cards is one.
Hardware is the physical components found in a computer. A typical computer comprises the display screen, router, a keyboard, speakers, a webcam, an external hard disk among others. A modern computer system includes the following components;
1. A system unit which has a motherboard, CPU, memory, ports, and expansion slots.
2. Secondary storage such as hard drives, CD-ROMs
3. Input and output Devices.
4. Communication Devices
In my study, I did not understand clearly more about system clock and Bus line, but I have a great urge in learning more about them. There were excellence and efficiency in my team. We were able to complete the tasks efficiently and quickly, and every member understood the essential components of a computer and system unit. In my team, we challenged each other, and we developed ideas that lead to our success.

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