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Questions and Answers on the Topic of Expenses and Taxation

1. Calculate the optional bodily injury cost for the following:Class: 10Optional bodily injury: 100/300/50$1442. What are overhead expenses? They contribute indirectly to the running of a business.3. The tax rate of $6943 in decimal can be expressed per $100 as? $69.43.4. The tax rate of $0.0984 in decimal can be expressed as how many mills? 98.4 mills5. Which of the following items is subject to sales tax in District of Columbia? Shampoo6. With net sales of $40,000, beginning inventory at retail of $14,000, ending inventory at retail of $20,000 and...
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Quantitative Analysis for Business

Task 4 Student book Task 4 Please enter your name and WGU Student ID number in the boxes below. Quantitative Analysis for Business Note: In order to get credit for your work it is crucial that you enter your WGU student ID number correctly. QAT1 Student Name: Assignment 309.3.2- 01-06 - Version LMF05-28 Student Number: 385252 Scroll down to unlocked cells to show work. PERT/CPM Analysis Table 1.1 PERT/CPM Analysis Table 1.2 Task Preceding Activity Optimistic Time to Complete (weeks) Probable Time to Complete (weeks) Pessimistic Time to Complete (weeks)...
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Discrete Random Variable Whose Set of Values Is Finite or Countable

Running Head: DISCRETE RANDOM VARIABLES 1 DISCRETE RANDOM VARIABLES 2 Discrete Random Variables Name Institution Professor Course Date DiscreteRandom Variables Introduction The discrete random variable refers to a variable that can only account for only countable values. For instance, we can flip a coin as many times as we can and be eligible enough to count both the number of heads and tails easily without difficulty. Therefore, the number or heads will be either 0, 1, 2, 3, 4,,, and plus infinity. Therefore, this numbers will not be in a...
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Ways in Which Statistics Is Used in Medicine?

Surname 5 Student’s Name Professor’s Name Institution Course Date Statistics in the Medical Feld I have always been interested in science, and the anatomy of the human body has always fascinated me. I have also seen the work of doctors in saving lives of the most important people in my life, making me want to do the same for others. In particular, I think that medicine is a fulfilling career to undertake. Upon graduation, there are numerous job opportunities for medical students and that gives me hope to choose the...
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Motion of a Sprig Motion: The Princes of Work

Running head: MOTION OF A SPRIG MOTION 1 MOTION OF A SPRIG MOTION 2 Motion of a Sprig Motion Name Institutional Affiliation Motion of a Sprig Motion The motion made by springs when loaded agrees with the systems of harmonic motion. The motion is sinusoidal in nature with regions of acceleration and deceleration. The distance through which a spring stretches is primarily governed by the relationship between the force acting on the spring and the spring constant, a concept defined by the hooks law (Thomas, 2002). The simple harmonic motion...
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Microsoft Excel 15.0 Feasibility Report

Feasibility Report 1Microsoft Excel 15.0 Feasibility ReportWorksheet: 1253982_part_a6_report.10.xlsxSheet1Report Created: 30/09/2016 09:09:34Constraints Which Make the Problem InfeasibleCell Name Cell Value Formula Status Slack$J$14 D4+D5+D6<=21 Cell 0 $J$14>=2000 Violated -2000 Feasibility Report 2Microsoft Excel 15.0 Feasibility ReportWorksheet: 1253982_part_a6_report.10.xlsxSheet1Report Created: 30/09/2016 09:09:34Constraints (not including Variable Bounds) Which Make the Problem InfeasibleCell Name Cell Value Formula Status Slack$J$14 D4+D5+D6<=21 Cell 0 $J$14>=2000 Violated -2000 Sheet1 Target cell(max) Name Final valuesShares $26,200.00 Adjustable cellsName Amount to be spend per stock CP Number of shares with the current price Projected future price Projected future incomeMSP, Inc....
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Higher Engineering Mathematics: Frequency Distribution

Running Head: STATISTICS:FREQUENCY DISTRIBUTIONS STATISTICS: FREQUENCY DISTRIBUTION 4 Statistics:Frequency Distributions NameInstitutionProfessorCourseDate 1. Total number of scores for the distribution Is 14 Xf 43 35 24 12 Answer: c. 5. For the following distribution of quiz scores, the number of individuals who had a score of X = 2 was 3. Xf 56 45 35 23 Answer: b. 15. The frequency distribution graph appropriate for scores measured on a nominal scale is only a bar graph. This is because if data is from ordinal or nominal, the graph is constructed with...
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Hardware: What Is a Computer Made Of?

HARDWARE LAB 1 THE HARDWARE LABStudent’s nameProfessor:Course:Date: 1. Take pictures of the following1) Your team 2) Front of system unit 3) Back of system unit 4) Motherboard 5) Pictures when installing memory 6) CPU 7) Adapter card(s) 8) Other hardware pieces of interestMemory Ports Drive bay 1. Document Front of System Unit:• What openings are on the front of the computer?On the opening of the front of a computer, there is a CD or DVD drive that is opened using a pressing a small button near the door of its...
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Math and Mechanics Task 3

Running Head: MATH AND MECHANICS 1 MATH AND MECHANICS 6 Math and Mechanics Institution Course Name Instructor’s Name Due Date TASK 3 The weight of an entertainer is a concentrated load (single force).Considering figure 9 and assuming that the entertainer is at any section B, the free body diagram can be represented as shown below. Weight of an entertainer W a B b RA h RC L RA=Wb/L RB=Wa/L For 0<h</h
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Questions and Answers on Practical Work in Mathematics

Mathematics Question 1 a) Solution b) (5.5 3.5)3 = (2)3 = 8 c) = d) = Question 2 a) If 2x2y = 5, then 4x4y2 =? Solution 5 = 2x2y 4x4y2 = (2x2y)2 Therefore 4x4y2 = 52 = 4x4y2 = 25 b) 11% of 3500 is how much? Solution c) Question 3 Expand and simplify a) Solution b) Solution c) Solution d) Solution Question 4. If the GNP of a certain country in 2000 was 8 billion dollars, write down an expression for the GNP 6 years later if it...
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