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Information Technology Management

In business transaction, payment is the vital factor. Method of payment in business transactions is a convenience factor thus it should be selected wisely. In online business, the easiest technique of payment of user’s services is through PayPal process. PayPal is the largest payment used during online business. Online, merchant across the world accept internet PayPal as it is accepted method of payment. Advantages of using PayPal in online business include flexibility and the credit card used during transaction is secured and safe (Sudarno 2012).
Question One answer;
In the Nook business, it would make sense to have a presence of online electronic mall. Online electronic mall will provide a better way of customers to buy products online and also it will bring other advantages in Nook organization. Through online shopping mall, Nook firm will be in a position to scale and grow easily and it will meet the needs of customers and market demand (Turban, Sharda, & Delen 2011). Nook business will have improved efficiencies since consumers will be able to order products online at their convenience time and the business will concentrate with the needs of the customers. Online electronic mall will increase more customers in Nook Company as Nook Company will reach more customers who will demand products online. The challenge of data collection facing Abbie and Malakai will be solved because online business will save data for a long period and will keep the collected data safe and secured. According to (Kiang, Raghu& Shang 2000), The challenge of tracking and measuring individual sale will be solved as the list of products sold online will be easily shown and secured safely. Nook Online website will be easily created through online electronic mall which will increase awareness of improved brand in Nook Company. Developed pages and sites for searching and showing available products in nook firm will improve and target more customers. The door to countless business opportunities is internet as customers and business owners will get advantage of online transaction as opposed to manual transaction.
Question Two answer;
Nook will benefit from Transaction Processing System (TPS), as TPS perform day to day operations and routine activities of a firm so as to add value of services and products of the company. TPS is a sophisticated process that need large data input and output like order entry, accounts payable and general ledger (Chaudhur, Dayal & Narasayya 2011). Since Nook’s network contain subscriber line which is digital and computerized TPS will be easy as the system uses software, telecommunication and databases. Through TPS, Abbie and Malakai will be able to improve the infrastructure network so as to obtain and collect data from various customers and they will also create a working environment which is widely connected. TPS will benefit Nook as the system will help the company to create more tools of communication such as twitter, website and Facebook and the system will direct the company how to use such communication tools. TPS will introduce internet world in Nook Company and competitive advantage will be created since the market demand will be increased. TPS will develop business intelligence which will assist Abbie and Malakai in the process of decision making and in the world of Information Technology (Chaudhur, Dayal & Narasayya 2011).
In conclusion, online business benefits the business owners and the customers. Online business breaks down business barriers like time as internet is always active thus business online run all hours. Online business is important as it reaches all customers across the world and it reduces cost transactions. The middlemen in business are eliminated in online business as customer’s places their orders direct to the producers thus the price of products is lowered.

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