Verbal and Nonverbal Therapeutic Communication

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Therapeutic Communication

Therapeutic communication is a process through which the nurses use to influence and help the clients and patients to have a better understanding through verbal or non-verbal communication. Therapeutic communication is one of the face-to-face communicating processes of interacting with nurses and clients or patients that helps in advancing the physical and emotional well-being. In the health facilities, nurses use therapeutic communication skills to provide support and information to clients and patients. Therapeutic communication includes the use of carefully chosen communication interventions to help the clients and families to conquer stress and adjust to the unchangeable. Therapeutic communication has various examples of different types of the patients.

An example of therapeutic communication is when a nurse talks to a patient who was involved in a fatal accident and needs amputation of the limbs. A nurse uses therapeutic communication to tell the patients through the process and inform the patient on how to coop with life after the exercises. The nurse uses therapeutic communication to explain to the client all the steps that the patient will undergo through during the amputation process and what to do after the process.

The advice and insights from Chapter 9 of LOOK that the nurses can use to meet the goals of building therapeutic and trusting relationships with clients are discussable below. The nurse must be able to understand the problem of the patient in detailed to form any judgment or conclusion. The nurse should provide a comfortable environment for the patient to feel free to share the problem. The nurse needs to assure the client that the client’s problem is the top most secret of the nurse. The nurse should assure the patient that the problem will not go beyond the walls and the problem is shared only by two people the patient and the nurse.

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