“Midnight in Mexico” by Alfredo Corchado

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Midnight in Mexico by Alfredo Corchado
Question 1

One evening I attended the review of the book Gangster Warlords on Drug Dollar, Killing field, and the New Politics of Latin America. The event took place on January 24, 2016, at First Congregational Church, Berkeley. The event started at around 6 pm and ended at around 10 pm. The event was hosted by Vylma who had also invited two guests to provide a deep explanation of the same. The discussion involved various practices and perform including drug trafficking, unleashing guerrilla attacks which are used in the control of world trade of narcotics, guns, and human being. They explain how the book has brought out what the current situation is and what is facilitating it. The most of the area where the problem is facing in the Ghetto which is facilitating the Gang cartel activities (Corchado, Alfredo 124). Major of the events and practices in this book also marries to those of the Midnight in Mexico since they all explore the current situation of drug and trade cartel groups, government negligence and how they carry out their operation.

Question 2

Mexico is one of the proudly knows for in major practice of drug trafficking. The problem seems not only affect Mexican but is also severely affecting their neighbors. In an example, United States is one of the most hit whereby they have pronounce it as a national problem by implementing various method ensuring they curbon their side. Through my experience and reading in the books, I have always believed that the problem is majority carried by the people who are living in the abject poverty as they try to find. Also I felt that those found practiced were prosecuted. The author of this is a journalist there it places him in a situation to critically explore the situation. Corchado helps me to discover what is happening that no everyone can discover so. To my surprise, it states that in less than six years more than eighty thousand people are killed during the Mexican drug war, and drug trafficking as they involve in this multi-billion dollar (Corchado, Alfredo 211). His also provide evidence that this is facilitated government corruption, murders in Juarez or the ruthless drug cartels of Mexico.

Question 3

In the book is provide signs in fear in the NAFTA tariff reduction due to their unable to regulate this menace. Is also bring a threat to over dependency on the importation of various products as their economy is unable to produce different products. There is still hopes as manage consultation is carried out to see to eradicate the situation. On the part of the election, people have a fear that the drugs cartel will influence the election as there is an eruption of the vicious drug war and attempts to solidify democracy(Corchado, Alfredo 234). The culture is at risk as nearly every young boy has involvement in the drugs. Many of the people are hoping the elected president will bring real change.

Question 4

On eradication poverty, the author explains that the government effort by the development of human capital and a social development mechanism are failing. There is an eruption of violence and chaos as the drug cartel engages in recruiting and operation. He also adds that they government and the judicial system is also corruption where even some of the prominent people around have some involvement in the activity. The author illustrates the legal system to the old and ineffective those the big boss were left in the aim to curb this system of the drug cartel(Corchado, Alfredo 98). Even they seems to fear some of the proficient dealers due to their wealth and controlling power. The author states that women were raped and murdered with impunity and that journalist tried to expose some of the law enforcement corruption would kidnap and kill them(Corchado, Alfredo 167). Corruption is the root of all these problems as the cartel established the control, where they could kidnap or murder those interfering with their operation. It was done without fear as they knew not one would follow them.

Work cited

Corchado, Alfredo. Midnight In Mexico. 1st ed., New York, NY U.A., Penguin Press, 2013

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