The Life Cycle Analysis of a Cell Phone



The Life Cycle Analysis of a Cell Phone – Product Use
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The Life Cycle Analysis of a Cell Phone – Product Use
Owing to a cell phone now days has become an order of the day. Almost everyone in the society has become a mobile phone subscriber. Too many companies that manufacture phones have popped out on the market. The competition between the different phones companies is the features of a given phone as compared to the other one. The major phone companies include the Nokia, the Samsung, the Blackberry, and the Microsoft among others. Currently, the approximate number of mobile phone users is about 1.5 billion worldwide. The number is still increasing (Ovadya & Krizhanovsky, 2016). The information implies the rate of transfer is extraordinary as general shopper conduct proposes successive substitution of cellular telephones. The graph below shows the rate of phone subscribers as by the year 2012.

Figure one, Graphical representations of phone subscribers worldwide by years 2012 (Ovadya & Krizhanovsky, 2016).
The paper presents the life cycle analysis of the phone use in the world. The analysis ranges from design, assembling to manufacturing of the product.

Cellphone Life Cycle
The extraction of crude materials is the start point in the life cycle of this product. The extracted materials are then subjected to a few procedures to be suitable for use underway. Then different manufacturing steps are performed to ensure the venture delivers individual parts successfully. Every single individual segment is then amassed, bundled and prepared to be appropriated for retail. The product sold then experiences the phase where it is utilized. Disposal then occurs after the end of the product life (Kelman & Kelman, 2010). The material undergoing disposal may be recycled, decommissioned or disposed of in a landfill. Recouped items experience a few procedures and are utilized again as a part of the assembling procedure. During this particular stage, it’s vital to go on about the utilization of transportation for the duration of this life cycle since it assumes a critical part the utilization of vitality. It additionally goes about as a connection for the phases of the life cycle. The figure below shows the summary of mobile phone life cycle.

Figure two, life cycle summary of mobile phones (Kelman & Kelman, 2010.
On account of the data above, the accompanying flowchart outlines the phases of a normal cellphone. It’s like the above however is expounded in various segments of life of the cell telephone.

Process Overview
The creation of a cell telephone experiences various strides before it is prepared for consumption. In the first place, there is mineral removal, refined and handled with the goal that it can be made into the specific parts of the cellular telephone. These parts are then gathered to turn into the cell telephone and different adornments (Giachetti, 2013). Then the products undergo packaging, transportation and finally sold. After use, the telephone is discarded or reused. Arranging the stock list for examination can be considered as the figuring out of procedure above.
Manufacturing of raw materials
In the most pivotal turning point in the life and fate of a cell telephone, the cellular telephone life starts with the crude materials extractions. The procedure itself as of now has suggestions not just for the execution, wellbeing and expense of the generation, but it may, likewise its effect on the earth regarding lack and its quality (Giachetti, 2013). Crude materials are extricated through different digging exercises and prepared for preproduction and detail in the creation of individual segments of the cell telephone. Every cellular telephone organization may embrace diverse methodologies in the assembling of cellular telephones, yet most share the shared objective of lessening ecological impacts. The configuration, advancement, and assembling innovation included deciding the cellular telephone’s life cycle natural effect.
Distribution, Storage, and Retail.
There exist various sorts of transportation required in the appropriation of cell telephones. The transport incorporates air and ocean transportation to truck transportation. Mobile phone parts and the completed items need bundling and transportation to get starting with one place then onto the next (The life cycle of a cell phone, 2004). Transportation via plane, truck, or rail all require the utilization of fossil powers for vitality, which can add to change in climate. While bundling shields items from damage, product identification, and gives information, excessive or improving bundling can be inefficient. Recycled materials can also be used in packaging.

Usage and Disposal
This period of the item life is for the most part dictated by the shopper. Distinctive individuals have diverse practices and this, at last, decides the life of the cellular phone (Soo & Doolan, 2014). They additionally have distinctive mindset concerning what to do with cellular telephones that are supplanted with fresher ones. This is given an exceptional and ecologically touchy choice for discarding their outdated cell telephones
Cell phones as indicated by the above data have got a distinctive life cycle from its manufacturing to the disposal. The life cycle also possesses some environmental challenges as the phone moves from one stage to the next. Great care, therefore, should be taken to conserve our environment as we use our phone products.

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