Influence of Architecture on My Life



Expression in architecture

In the course of my career, there are some things that I ignored but I have come to realize that they have great impact in one’s life. Architecture is one of the things that were not in my mind as far as my profession and social world were concerned. However, I have come to realize that architecture shapes and affects my life in a massive way. The main part of life that is affected is my profession. Architecture affects one’s ability to perform duties in the office or any other settings of ones’ profession. This is because one cannot perform well in unfavorable environment. Architecture also determines the level of motivation of an individual and thus it has a great impact in ones’ profession. Finally, architecture determines ones’ opportunity in a profession since it displays the true standard of an individual. The objective of the paper is to express my architecture based on my profession.
My profession
I did not come to know about the whole concept of architecture because my profession is based on that line but I came to know about it since I realized it is part of my life and profession. My profession is in the medical sector where I am a senior doctor in a private hospital. Despite being a senior doctor, I am also the owner and the director of the hospital and thus I am always based in two settings, the managerial setting and also the medical setting. As a doctor, I am based in the hospital where I deal with patients in the visual sector. On the other hand, as a director, I am based in my office where I spend my time if I am not in the hospital. In this case, I want to make it clear that architecture affects my profession in two dimensions, in the office and in the hospital settings.

Where and what to do
This is clear having in mind the true picture of my profession. To start with, I would like to describe the architecture of a hospital and an office since they are my key areas of profession. Where to locate the hospital and the office is the first issue that I will have to think critically about and come up with a perfect conclusion. Out of research and the needs of my profession, I would locate my hospital in the outskirts of a town in a cool and a perfect place. However, the place should not be far from the town and it should have the entire infrastructure mainly; perfect roads, electricity, water and security. On the side of the office, I would base it inside the hospital since the two relates. This would increase efficiency and I would be able to serve my two roles in a perfect way.
After establishing where to base my hospital and the office, the next step will be starting to act in regards to architecture part of it. In the first place I would establish who the hospital will serve in order to come up with a perfect hospital plan. This means that the first thing I will do is to come up with the plan which will outline the guidelines of the whole process of architecture. After making the plan, I will then gather all the resources required in order to make my plan viable. Finally, I will get into the serious business of settings as described below.
Behavioral facilitation
This is the key issue that is considered when it comes to the concept of settings. Behavioral facilitation is expressed in two ways which I will follow strictly. The first one is functional conformance. This explains whether the established facility has adequate resources to carry out the outlined functions. To start with the hospital, I would ensure that it is well equipped with all the equipment that facilitates patients’ care and workers protection. For instance, I would ensure that the hospital the right number of employees, it has enough wheelchairs, it has enough medicines and other medical requirements in the running of a hospital. This would assure me that I am guaranteed of a perfect functional of my hospital. On the side of office, I would ensure that it has all the necessities of a high standard office such as right furniture, shelves, telephones and lights.
Behavioral facilitation is also defined by spatial conformance is the key idea that benefits the users of a facility. This concept will be very important in the hospital settings since it would contribute a lot to the general welfare of the patients. In this case, I would ensure that the hospital has paths ways for the wheelchair users even in tall buildings, all pathways are well cemented, there are clear directions to all the facilities and the place is perfect for all people. On the side of the office, I will ensure that the office is perfectly situated for access by all through its location, facilities such as furniture and ease access.
Psychological maintenance
This is defined by climate conformance and hazard regulation. To start with, climate conformance would be my main concern since it affects performance and comfortably of individuals in a greater way. I would enhance this by ensuring that all buildings have ventilations, they are not congested, and there have facilities like fan which maintains the right environment in a room. I would also ensure that the hospital is based on cool environment that is why I stated earlier that it would be in the outskirts of town. On the side of hazard regulation, I would ensure that both the hospital and the office are safe from any hazard by accessing all sources of risk like floods, electricity problems and volcano issues and coming up with effective control measures (Mitias, 2014).
Perceptual maintenance
Perceptual maintenance is defined by sensory initiation and sensory conformance. On the side of sensory initiation, I would work on it more since patients are critical to handle. For instance, in the fracture and physical disability department, I would ensure that there are no tall buildings and the path ways to those rooms are well maintained. On the side of visual department, I would ensure that the right level of lighting is maintained and this would be applied in all the other departments. In my office, I would ensure that I have the right seat and lighting is perfect since I am usually affected by too bright lighting. On the other hand, I would ensure that I have catered for sensory conformance by creating facilities that would reduce some problems which patients have. For example, I will create a field where people with obesity and other physical problems can spend their time and change their physical state to better.
Social facilitation
Social facilitation is what lacks in my organizations and companies. Social facilitation is expressed by social initiation and social isolation. To start with, social initiation is the situation where individuals term a certain facility as their own. In this case, the first thing that I will do as far as setting is concerned is first to explore whether the community around accept my facility or not. This is the first step that will ensure that the community embraces the hospital as their own. I will also offer special services, control all the negatives of the hospital that might harm the community like the waste disposal and also provide favors to the community in order to strengthen the relations between the community and the hospital thus making the outside world take the office as their own. I will also increase accessibility and freedom to and in the hospital facilities and my office as a way of making users feel that they own
Finally, I will not be careless when doing the above since I will have in mind the issue of privacy. I will try to ensure that the freedom I provide to the users of the hospital does not violate the privacy of the hospital. For instance, I will ensure that some areas that require privacy are not easily accessed to. On the side of my office, I will ensure that there is a secretary who regulates the accessibility of my office at all times.
To wide it up, architecture is now part of my profession and it plays a huge role to my success. Due to this reason, the above architecture plan would ensure that I have perfected my profession and has benefited the users of my facility. No matter your profession, architecture will always remain part of you.

Mitias, M. H. (2014). Philosophy and architecture. Amsterdam: Rodopi.

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