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Born in 1924 Marlon Brandon spend his life in England but he became a successful a prominent movie actor at an early age. He was not only a great actor; but he was also a magnificent writer, director, editor and producer. He has acted in various comedian films, such Streetcar, on the water front, Named Desire … (, n.d). After having an early promise between 190 and 1950 including a stern performance in his film called streetcar, his career deteriorated until the role play in the Godfather movie. From this, he received a huge salary from the small role he played, and this led to his famous life. His success has made many writers have an eager of knowing every detailed information about his life and this eager has led to many of this writer to write books and material about the legend. Because these writers were writing about the same star, they have included the variety of similar thoughts about Marlon. However, they have had some different perspectives and idea representation about him. As a result, they have involved their disparate ideas in their books. The following essay will compare two biographies about Marlon Brando as written by Patricia Broeske and Faith Lapidus, what were the most focused part of his life in their book, and how they described his life and personality in their point of view.
Marlon Brando early life and origin (Pat Broeske)
Patricia records the birth time of Brandon Marlon. At the age of six years, his family relocated to Illinois. She records that Brandon father a salesman his mother was an actor. Brandon early life was not very happy simply because of what is called family violence where he constantly argues with his father because he did not do well in school. Patricia records that the only area where Brando excelled was in sports and dramatic but the rest he failed terribly especially in his subjects. His father sends him to military school at an early age in the attempt to discipline him. He stayed in the Military School for more than three years at the time where he spent disrespecting the authorities and refused to follow the rules. Because of such behavior, he did not graduate from high school. After failing to graduate, he went back to home to take up a ditches digging job. After long suffering, his father has accepted to finance his education, and he moves to New York where his acting career is recorded to have started. He underwent acting training and finally begins to appear in the acting scene.

Being a son of a salesman and alcoholic, he grew up in a harsh environment in the Midwest New York. He worked as an elevator operator in New York, right factory watchman, cook and further enrolled acting courses. Under the care of Stella, his sister he was able to channel his rage against his fathers will not sacrifice performance. Brando adores his mother and cherishes his childhood friend because to him he could only get consolation from the two individual.
Being a son of alcoholic, both parents his roots are traced to Midwest. But he got acting strength from the New York after his expulsion from high school. Before going to the US he underwent through a very harsh life to the point of working elevator operator, night factory attendance. Through his sister, he was mentored successfully to the acting career where he come as one of the outstanding performer.

Brando’s Hollywood life:
Marlon made himself popular in Hollywood by putting on jeans and a t-shirt an outfit. This gave him a unique look. Hollywood got very impressed with him performance and decide to absorb him as a full-time actor. The movies he makes such as war veteran in the men, Stanley Kowalski and A Streetcar named desire were both successful and got positive critics. Over next seven-year, Brando actuating careers prospered significantly with him playing some different roles. In the latest movie named Viva Zapata, he played a role of Emiliano Zapata who raised from being a peasant to a president of Mexico country. While in Hollywood Marlon did not hide his secret of his many affairs he clearly states that he liked exotic women. He later changed his acting tactics and stopped acting for fun and started doing film strictly for money. Due to this motivation, his resulting performance was very impressive, and fascination but the movie were not compared to the movie.
Between the year 1955 and 1958, most people in the entertainment industry voted for Brando as the top ten film attraction in the nation. However, this glory deteriorates in the 1960s with most of his movies remade due to low rating and quality. His movie at that time could not even earn half of the original budget. Fifty-Four due to Brando’s self-indulgence behavior during the filming of this movies. He got major criticism for his tantrums of trying to alter the script. For the rest of 1960, he acted several movies, but none of them reached the required quality. The money oriented mind affected his performance because when the sole reason for him was joining Hollywood was to make the company grow regarding revenue by selling the movies. Due to this trend, Brando was declared unemployable in 1970 and this declaration gave him a punch in his career. later he acted Godfather and last Tnago in which was hosted in paris. The movie was about a three-day-sexual relationship; this movie brought Brando his second Oscar.
Despite this determination, his life was regained it former glory following his appearance of Mafia leader. Sends him to win his second trophy for that role but he did not accept the win because of his feeling on how the Hollywood treated the black American. He declined the invitation to Hollywood award winning party and instead lead a demonstration against the act. He later changed his mind a post a request to get his award but he was denied.
After the Oscar Brandon continued to work on the many other films both featuring as a star and other lesser roles. Critics maintain that both the actor and the film have maintained a low quality. Most young people who did not get to know his mighty effort would not tell if he ever had quality movies basing the fact in his later movies.
After realizing his potential he continued to work in different film both udder different capacity. He both played major role and lesser role. From the time critics noted that both the movie acted and Brandon himself were of less quality and that the trend show that Brandon has gotten tired of acting. From what it looks as acting the write noted that young people who would watch this movie would not imaging whether he was ever good he was. The smaller roles he played did make a significant different.
Marlon Brando (One of the Greatest Actors of All Time by Faith Lapidus).
Faith begins the story by describing the actor’s personal life. She states that Brandan grew in a happy family. He had many failed married because of his irresponsible indulgences with women during his acting career. She reveals to us the son served time in prison and his daughter committed suicide. His years of self-indulgence is very much visible. Faith subject that we cannot judge him by his physical character or dismiss his work because of his later, less significant, acting jobs. She introduces by warming the readers that in as much as were are prone to find so mistakes in his acting life; we should focus on his ability to explore human mind.
Faith writing also focuses on his death and noted that there was no public service at the death of Marlon Brandon. When he died in 2004, his sister said that if there could be such even she would have hated it more than she has hated anything. The family instead held a small ceremony. They explain this by saying that their act is justified by the fact that Brandon did not search for public attention when he was alive. Despite him being a star, he protected his private life. The reason for this was because of his acting life and his politics interest which would make him a media target.
Faith’s biography gives a brief introduction by stating the where the Marlon Brandon was born and also revealed that she was named after his father. His parent were heavy drunkards and had no time for his proper nurturing. His parents had frequent argument due to his mother’s acting career a factor that led Brando’s father hatred and lack of support. It is also clear that Brandon wrote his personal book about his relationship with his father.
The family moved several times, and his parents separate later reuniting after two years. The act of family conflict faith says noted that affect Marlon in the school regarding behavior and performance. His father, later on, sends him to military’s school as a sign of punishment. While in school faith reveals to us the drama teacher advised him to take a Couse in acting a drama and advice that he honored but did not last long before he was expelled from school because of getting into trouble.
Faith record shows that at the age of nineteen Marlon move to New York City where he was meant to continue with his acting career. He took acting classes at New York social science and was taught method of realistic style of acting. In this method, actors are meant to use their memories and emotions to identify with the character they are acting (Brando, 201). We realize from this writing the being a quick learner; he learned this style quickly and easily. We realized that critics note that Marlon was the greatest method actor ever lived. The teacher who taught him commented on his ability by saying that teaching Marlon was like sending a tiger to a jungle school.
From Streetcar Marlon’s second movie he won himself a nomination ticket to te academy awards and later on won Oscar award for two other movies. It is important to note that Brandon did not win the award until fifty four
Faith also reveals Marlon’s first marriage and is very clear that this marriage took only two years and a result was a son. She also indicated that his marriage an actress called Tahiti and the marriage lasted ten years. His love for this woman did not end, and he builds her house which separated island and the sea. He divided his life between his home and his island. Due to this, a keen study reveals that his professional life begin suffering and Hollywood directors begin to find him difficult to work with.
Marlon faced two family for his daughter and another on his son. First, the daughter committed suicide, and the son faced conviction. Faith reveals that Marlon tried to defend his son in a court of law. It is also revealed that Marlon did not make public statements about the death of his daughter, but critics say that he blamed himself for his daughters to the point he did not attaint her burial.

The differences between Marlon Brando (by Pat Broeske) one of the Greatest Actors of All Time (by Faith Lapidus).
Pat broke focus on Marlon life from his birth and his career life. Most of her writing focus mostly on the overview of what happened in Marlon life. Her writing tends to give more overview and general life of the actor. She portrays the actor as a failure and does not give a clear ending of the actor’s life. Most of her analysis is focused on the start of his life and how his school started. From his childhood, Marlon s said to have a poor relationship with his dad but odors his mother. The writer fails to explain the starting point of the young Marlon attitude. She fails to capture how Marlon is expelled from school and jumped to the actors of Marlon being sent to military school as a punishment by his dad. All along, throughout the book the writer is negative about Marlon, and she further explains how he died a failure. We are also not aware of his action before the end of his life instead of the writer only notify us that he had a private life and was buried privately.
On the other hand, the one great actor of all times by Lapidus starts by examining Marlon’s private life and his marriage. The story takes us to the detail of knowing the name of his wives and the course of his marriage. The writer is keen to identify the result of his marriage to the firstborn son. She clearly explains Marlon’s life as unlucky young because of lack of attention from parents. His parents are vied to be drunkard a point that is not told by Pat broke. His father did not like his mother’s acting career a matter that brought a family problem to the point that the parents separated and rejoined after two years. The family issue is to have caused a serious instability in Marlon’s education and relationship.
The writer clearly states that Marlon was expelled due to his misconduct in school but reveals Marlon’s signs of being good actors. A factor that is not mentioned in his plain biography. We also notice that after his expulsion, he went to New York and studied action where he becomes the best student. Marlon had a successful acting life, and though the writer records that he had a challenge during acting, she says that Marlon is one of the great actor of his time.
In the final, conclusive paragraph, faith reveals melon’s final life as a successful actor who won many trophies in his acting career (Lapidus & Pa?ca, 27). She says that although Marlon lost his children, he regret losing his daughter and his guilt made him not to attend her funeral.

This project was written to distinguish between two biographies about Brandon Marlon. The first biography is written by Pat Broeske which focus on Marlon plain life. The second biography is written by Faith Lapidus and named one of the Greatest Actors of All Time. The author of this paper found some differences between these two biographies about Chaplin. She was written about most focused part of career and failure, and how they described his life and personality in their point of view. Part portrays the actor as a person who is failure in life and gives her account based on the Brandon plain life. She presents his life and bring out some issues like his failure in school, lack of obedient and hatred to his father. All this accounts a not given substantial support at the conclusion of her writing. If find faiths biography complete because it gives the root Couse of every behavior.

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