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Themes in Fiction

Fictional movies discuss trivial matters in the society. Through the fictional films, various issues are taken up at an in-depth and portrayed. Notably, the fictions tales provide an avenue of tackling conflicts not attract controversy and a lot of opposition from the usual world. Therefore, through the fictional stories, some lessons are sent to the entire society as they get to learn on what to do and when to do it. Therefore, through the factious stories, the lessons in the contemporary society are well enhanced and critically viewed. In the school, a fictional film by Barthelme, various issues are addressed to bring into the concentration of the viewer how they take place in the real life situations (Barthleme, 35). These problems, which are discussed, enhance the general human comprehension of the tension, as they exist in the society and how to effectively deal with them.
The school revolves around an elementary class that experiences numerous bizarre occurrences. The issue of death is discussed in the story in an in-depth manner. Death in the story is considered in respect to animals, parents, classmates, and even trees. Thus, the story brings to perspective the conflict of the definition of death and what the society has to take on death (Sharma & Pretty, 189). The story has numerous occurrences of death as they try to bring out the meaning of mortality as they understand it. From the conflict that is provided, there are various definitions, which are given, and the issue of death shows critically that death affects the society in different ways. The children and the teacher do not have a single definition of mortality as an issue and also look into the essence of the topic to the society.
Death as an abstract idea presents itself in the story, and various perspectives are offered on the issue of death as well as the general society take on it (Barthleme, 26). When the story comes to a point of looking into the philosophical perspective of death, it looks at it as a compulsory issue that must take place to formalize the society. The topic breeds various reactions as reserved attitudes are also in the story.
There is also a conflict of the teacher’s needs and the student’s needs. The elementary students would love the teacher to get romantic with the assistance, which the teacher does not want to get. The needs of the students are not in line with the professional codes of conduct for the teachers; therefore, it would be a risky undertaking for the teacher to make out with the assistant (Sharma & Pretty, 192). This conflict shows the theme of death too as the students think more than their age allows them to do. The conflict of death, in this case, presents an end of morals if the young children could think of that.
In conclusion, death is discussed in the fiction as a different idea that requires addresses. The invention clearly outlines whatever people think about death and the various perspectives that are offered on the issue. Death makes it difficult for the society to concentrate on particular problem but when presented with the question of working out a way through to know more about it, the morals of the society are killed. Therefore, the story brings out a better understanding of the concept of death is exclusively discussed through the fictional setting.

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