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“As I Lay Dying” by William Faulkner

Surname 5 As I Lay Dying by William Faulkner Name Institution Course Year Date Introduction In the novel ‘As I Lay Dying’, William Faulkner uses multiple voices as well as perspectives in a series of reputational monologues from fifteen characters. These figures include seven Bundren narrators and eight outside narrators. Several Bundren members are used to represent the emotional attachment to their mother, Addie Bundren, after her death through the intensity of their reactions, the emotionality in the responses, and the relation to the tragic event. On the other hand,...
English Literature
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“Mother Sauvage” by Guy de Maupassant

Surname 5 Student’s Name: Professor’s Name: Course: Institution: Date Strength in Mother Sauvage Introduction In “Mother Sauvage”, Guy de Maupassant systematically describes the characters such that the audiences are presented with a strong character sketch. The most prominent example of a strong character in the play is Mother Savage. Maupassant uses simple words to describe the physical appearance of the mother. For instance, he states that she was a hardy and tall woman who hardly ever laughed nor cried affirming that she possessed superb ability to control her rage (Maupassant...
English Literature
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Bernie Madollar’s Ponzi-Scheme Explained

Surname 2 Author’s Name Tutor’s Name Course Code Date of Submission Abstract In 2009, American financier Bernie Madoff pleaded guilty to eleven charges and was sentenced to 150 years in prison. Madoff had operated the largest and most high-profile Ponzi scheme in the world’Ss history. For decades, the scheme operated as Madoff made the investors believe that they were making high returns. Originally, Kalen Smith wrote this article that is parodied in this paper. Kalen successfully tells his readers the chronological events of how the scheme started, and how Madoff...
English Literature
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English as an International Language

1 Running Head: ENGLISH AS AN INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE. 12 ENGLISH AS AN INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE English as an international language Name Institution Professor Course Date The English language is regarded as one of the most widespread languages in the world. The word has spread not only to the nations that were former colonies of the European countries to the other countries which were not the settlements, an indication that it has expanded its boundaries to almost every nation. The continued use of the language is undisputable as it remains a strong...
English Literature
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Feature Film Bartelme “School”

Surname 3 Name Instructor’s Name Course Date Themes in Fiction Fictional movies discuss trivial matters in the society. Through the fictional films, various issues are taken up at an in-depth and portrayed. Notably, the fictions tales provide an avenue of tackling conflicts not attract controversy and a lot of opposition from the usual world. Therefore, through the fictional stories, some lessons are sent to the entire society as they get to learn on what to do and when to do it. Therefore, through the factious stories, the lessons in the...
English Literature
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Demonstration of Various Filming Techniques

Surname: 2 Name Institution Professor Course Date This scene aims at demonstrating different techniques of shooting movies.The director basically is aiming to bring out an aspect of dramatic irony in the first case. In fact, the audiences are able to hear the music while the astronauts and Nasa Tech support have no idea in whether there is something which is happening.The director is creating some instances which possess a query of continuing to watch. Nasa support also brings out dramatic irony when we finally conclude that they knew what was...
English Literature
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Symbolism in the book “Madame Bovary”

6 Name Professor Course Date Symbolism in the book Madame Bovary Symbolism entails presenting real life happenings in an indirect way by either using colors, creators or objects amongst others. For instance, in the book Madame Bovary instances of symbolism have been presented in numerous scenes vindicating the presence of symbolism to hide realism. The complicated nature of Charles’s hat symbolized how his personality and future life was (Cumming N. Pag). Starting from his early life, he was radicalized by his classmate following his status and farms locality. Therefore, he...
English Literature
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Chinese Traditions: Chinese Dragon Mythology

Surname 7 Student’s Name Professor/Instructor Course Date Chinese Dragon Mythology Chinese dragons are creatures associated with Chinese folklore and Chinese mythology. These dragons may take the form of fish, turtle, and imaginary creatures but are commonly evinced in a snake form having four legs. In Chinese terminologies, dragons are referred to as yang and they complement to Chinese phoenix known as yin. Traditionally, Chinese dragons are a symbol of powers and potent which are associated with water, rainfall, floods, lakes and rivers and were used in traditional empires to symbolize...
English Literature
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Literary Analysis of Edna Pontellier Quotes in the Novel “Awakening” By Kate Chopin

Gauthier 1 Name: Damon L. Gauthier Course: Engl. 1023-10243 Prof: Libersat Date: October 20, 2016 Literary Analysis of Edna Pontellier Quotes in the Novel “Awakening” By Kate Chopin ‘Awakening’ is a novel by Kate Chopin and it presents Edna Pontellier as the main character who decided to change her behavior, act against the social norms, and live an independent life. The Awakening begins when Edna goes to the summer holiday in Grand Isle with her husband Leonce and their sons. Leone is benevolent and loving though he does not spend...
English Literature
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Psychoanalytic Literary Criticism: The Tradition of Psychoanalysis

Name Tutor Course Date Psychoanalytic Literary Criticism Introduction We have various types of art and their critics too. Newspapers, televisions, blogs, magazine refer to literature. Critic’s deals with evaluating and interpreting of art work. Criticism will help one to know whether a certain piece of work is worth to be read or watched. Literary criticism started the days when Plato reigned (Luborsky, 1-270). From since then it has developed and matured to high level, and giving us parameter to study literature. There are various methods to dissect written works. To...
English Literature
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