Demonstration of Various Filming Techniques

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This scene aims at demonstrating different techniques of shooting movies.The director basically is aiming to bring out an aspect of dramatic irony in the first case. In fact, the audiences are able to hear the music while the astronauts and Nasa Tech support have no idea in whether there is something which is happening.The director is creating some instances which possess a query of continuing to watch.
Nasa support also brings out dramatic irony when we finally conclude that they knew what was happening to the astronauts while they pretended to assist them. Verbal irony comes out when the astronauts gets some information from the support. The language used to inform them causes confusion.
Situation irony has also been put in consideration. This have been facilitated by the fact that the astronauts had hopes of using oxygen tank B after tank A’s oxygen was diminishing. Their expectations were opposite of what they exactly found. They thereafter found that the tank B also depleted.Suspense is created in the case whereby the scene ends while the audiences are keenly watching in order to conclude what finally happens. They are kept full of mental questions on what would have happened.
In conclusion, the director basically aims at creating suspense. This tempts the audiences to watch the next episode to make sure that their question of suspense is answered by what exactly happens at the end. Different types of irony have also been demonstrated. The director also aims at showing various aspects of shooting a movie. Different angles have been applied to make sure that the audiences get the clear picture of what is happening. For example, different angles of shooting such as Dutch angle. A transition is also applied in the course of the movie.

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