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Corporate Environmental and Safety Official
The corporate and environmental and safety officials should be held responsible for chemicals that were legally disposed in the past, but are now known to be extremely dangerous because such environmental and safety officials had an insight on the potential hazards of chemical wastes. This is because the safety officials knew about the effects that would arise from disposing chemical wastes to the environment (Cross, 2014).. Such corporations also profited from the improper disposal of wastes spending less on waste management. Furthermore, the environmental officials were also willing to take part in a venture that had the potential to harm people in the future and lead to environmental degradation..
Instances That Corporations Should Have Known Of The Hazards Involved
Corporations should know the hazards of dumping waste at a decrease in vegetation abundance and deteriorating soil quality. This is an indicator that the waste the company is releasing to the environment has the potential to harm people and even affect the surrounding. The hazards also manifest in various ways, including birth defects like enlarged feet and other anomalies. According to Gibbs (2011), dumping of chemical waste results in bad odor around the dumping site; this is usually the first indicator in the hazards involved.
Emergency Planning Involved in the Cleanup of a Dumpsite
The emergency planning involved in addressing a cleanup site involve first carrying out an reconnaissance to determine what kind of hazardous waste is prevalent on the site, and what risks it poses to the environment. Usually, the Environmental Protection Agency through the Superfund project carries out the cleanup of most dumps placing them on the National Priority List. A Cleanup is then carried out after the reconnaissance using human labor and chemical treatments. Construction is then carried out, and the site is monitored to ensure no waste is leaking into the air. The corporation responsible also has to pay out some amount to the Superfund first to help in the cleanup (Johnson, 1999, p. 109).


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