Ecological Footprint of a Person. How to Reduce It?

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Ecological footprint
Question 1

An ecological footprint refers to the human actions which are defined in terms of the amount of land that is biologically productive and the quantity of water that is required to manufacture the goods and convert the wastes generated. I don’t think this is an accurate measure of understanding and evaluating an individual’s impact on the natural environment; this is because not all persons have the capacity to yield a produce that is equivalent to the amount of space that they occupy. The ability of an individual to produce crops also may depend on several factors of the land such as its fertility, the weather condition of a given place such as rainfall and drought.

Questions 2

In order to reduce an individual’s ecological footprints, we can adopt conservational behaviors that minimize the wastage of the available resources for example through minimizing water wastage, conservation of the different sources of energy, buy local foods to reduce the transportation cost and the distance that an individual will cover in traveling to longer places. Practice healthy environmental practices such as planting of trees. It will not be difficult for an individual to apply these behavioral changes since they also help one to reduce his daily expenditures.

Question 3

In order to involve the other people around me in reducing the ecological footprint, I will organize a tree planting session either in school or at home. Planting of the trees is an efficient way of giving back to the environment and also reducing the carbon footprint; this is because trees provide shade and oxygen while also utilizing the available carbon (IV) oxide.

Question 4

My results substantially deviate with the result of my classmate Shreena Amin; my greatest impact is in the food classification with a score of 32%, but this is not true for everyone in the classroom since each person has got an area where his greatest impact is felt. The reason behind this is because everyone has got his unique behaviours.

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