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What Is the Meaning of the Word “Development”?

Running Head: DEVELOPMENT 1 DEVELOPMENT 5 Development Student’s Name Institution Affiliation Date of Submission Introduction The word development means causing something to grow bigger or become more advanced (McKinnon, 2010). In addition, it means creating something within a certain period. Currently, the word is mostly used economics and in business related activities to show increase in value of something. Mostly, it is used to show how various elements of economy such as gross domestic product, the per capita income, the value of currency among other economic elements have developed within...
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Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed?

Running Head: COLLAPSE 1 COLLAPSE 5 Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed Name of Student: Name of Institution: Course Title: Date: Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed 1. Who were the Anasazi and how do we know what we do about them? According to Jared Diamond, what is Chaco’s message? a) Anasazi The Anasazi are believed to be the ancestors of the present Pueblo Indians. This community resided in the Four Corners region which is in the Southern part of Utah. They also occupied other regions...
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The Issue of Global Warming and Its Consequences

Surname3 Name Professor Course Date A great debate has been emerging due to the issue of globalization. This has been so because different individuals have different understanding on issues pertaining global warming. Majority of these individuals have certain views concerning the impacts of global warming as many view it as been more substantial and more recent occurring as opposed to the all other activities that affect the environment. This has been the case due to the rise of the carbon dioxide levels according to the scientific analysis that has been...
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Infant Mortality and Social Demography

Running head: GEOGRAPHY 1 GEOGRAPHY 3 Geography Name Professor Institution Course Date Infant mortality is significantly influenced by social demographics of a population or a country. For instance, the level of infant mortality in developed countries cannot be compared with that in the developing countries such as those in Africa and some parts of Asia. This difference is also associated with the income of the countries, that is, for developing countries, the income is very low compared to the developed countries hence the difference in infant mortality. This means that...
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Difference Between State and Nation

Surname Name Professor Course Date Definitions A nation is a vast body of people, connected with a specific region that is adequately aware of its solidarity to look for or to have an administration unconventionally of its own. A nation could have a claim on statehood or self-rule, but it does not enjoy a state of its own. An example is the Australian nation, the French-Canadian nation among others. A state is a defined as people permanently occupying a fixed territory bound together by common habits and custom into one...
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Local Physical Geography – Dublin, CA

1 Local Physical Geography – Dublin, CA Name Course Instructor Date Local Physical Geography – Dublin, CA Dublin relates to a suburban city located in the East Bay region of Alameda County in California in the United States named after Dublin and Ireland city. The city has for a long time gained recognition for its location gaining reference as the Crossroads of the Bay Area with its current position at the crossroads of Interstate 580 as well as Interstate 680, two major highways (California Government, 2014). The significance of the...
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Ecological Footprint of a Person. How to Reduce It?

Surname 1 Surname2 Name: Lecturer: Course: Date: Ecological footprint Question 1 An ecological footprint refers to the human actions which are defined in terms of the amount of land that is biologically productive and the quantity of water that is required to manufacture the goods and convert the wastes generated. I don’t think this is an accurate measure of understanding and evaluating an individual’s impact on the natural environment; this is because not all persons have the capacity to yield a produce that is equivalent to the amount of space...
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Landlocked Countries in Africa and the Challenges They Face

1 5 Landlocked Countries in Africa and the Challenges They Face Name Course Institution Date of Submission Introduction Approximately one out of five countries in the world is landlocked. By definition, landlocked countries are those that do not have direct access to the seacoast. footnoteRef:2 Such countries are amid the most impoverished and underachieving countries in the world, especially regarding economic developments. This is due to transportation barriers as these countries are dependent on countries that are not landlocked and through which their transportation routes must pass to reach ports1.That...
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The Term “Globalization” and Everything Connected With It

Surname 1 Name Course Instructor Date Globalization Globalization entails a process where people, ideas as well as products and services spread throughout the world leading to increased level of interaction between governments, economies and world cultures (Levin Institute). Although the term globalization was mostly coined in the later decades of the 19th century, the process has been in existence for years. A notable example of the process of globalization centuries ago is depicted in the manner the Roman Empire spread it’s economic as well as governing system through various portions...
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City of Kingston in Ontario, Canada

Running Head: KINGSTON ONTARIO PALIMPSEST 1 KINGSTON ONTARIO PALIMPSEST 2 Kingston Ontario Palimpsest Name Institution Kingston Ontario Palimpsest The modern society is a representation of the ancient societies and varied beliefs over the time. The construction of the cities takes notice of the required issues to be kept. In the contemporary cities, architecture advocates for the preservation of history and the making of better avenues for the entitlement of the city. Nonetheless, the cities are changed over time to suit the present and the future needs of the community that...
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