The Issue of Global Warming and Its Consequences


A great debate has been emerging due to the issue of globalization. This has been so because different individuals have different understanding on issues pertaining global warming. Majority of these individuals have certain views concerning the impacts of global warming as many view it as been more substantial and more recent occurring as opposed to the all other activities that affect the environment. This has been the case due to the rise of the carbon dioxide levels according to the scientific analysis that has been done by the experts. Human activities have been viewed as the cause of global warming and therefore posing a lot of challenge to the experts who work hard in controlling global warming. The rise of the carbon level has endangered a lot of lives and therefore made it difficult for the planet to sustain lives (Shreck et al 15).
According to several researches that have been done by different scientists, global warming has been an issue affecting economic, political and social integration in the entire world at large. It has made the world to be viewed as a small portion of the earth as it broken down all the boarders of different countries (Nordhaus & William 67).
It is sometimes believed that it started with the emergence of transport and communication technology in which the two factors made it much easier for people to be in a position of accessing the boarders of different countries as the boarders were seen to be a limiting factor in economic technology. This has endangered both human beings and other living organisms as it affects both aquatic and terrestrial lives. To aquatic ones, it depletes the levels of oxygen in their habitats therefore making it difficult for them to survive. To aquatic plants it also affects them by depleting the oxygen in water as plants require oxygen at sometimes (Wild & Martin 99).
However, a lot of specialists have been working to eliminate this but it has posed a major challenge as the activities that contribute to the issue seem to be difficult when it comes to controlling them. This is because most of the activities that contribute to global warming include those that involve manufacturing of those goods that contribute the survival of human beings. This involve the goods that are manufactured in factories that are more essential in human beings as most of these factories emit substances that contribute to global warming (Nordhaus & William 67). Some other activities that contribute to global warming include agricultural ones therefore making it difficult for the issue to be solved as agriculture is the main economic activity for many.
In summary, global warming is a threat to the entire world and therefore measures should be taken in place in order to minimise the levels of global warming. Governments should be in front line when it comes to curbing it. They should come up with chemicals that will emit levels of substances that lead to global warming. Human being should also avoid those activities that lead to global warming. There is therefore a need for all the people to avoid the activities that contribute greatly to global warming as human activities have been identified as the major causes of global warming.
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