Flooding of Coast, Caused by Global Warming

Environmental Ethics






Flooding of Coast, Caused by Global Warming.
Flooding in the coast has been as a result of the change of climate. Due to environment destruction, the rain seasons have changed. To curb this problem we can apply some land ethic behaviors that we can use to control this change (Beatley, 1994). One of the grounds ethical behaviors is to apply The Ecological Conscience ethic measure. This land ethic can be used to promote environment conservation to create harmony between land and human being. There have been conservation measures taken, but they are implemented at a very low pace. Educating people on conservation can help get climate back to normal. For example planting of trees, education can encourage people to plant more trees. This method is so easy and requires little effort to help conserve soil.
In the past at around some laws were passed to help conserve the environment after it was noted that soil was slipped towards the sea. If farmers adopt this ethical land measure of respecting land use for several years, minimum five years, there would be a change and soil would be prevented from being eroded (Bosselman, 1994). This ethical land measure suggests that the farmers should set the rules themselves so that they can adopt them easily. But the challenge is that after agreeing on setting own land use rules, no rules have been set yet. The result is that we end up educating people, they become more educated, but we continue to lose soil when we fail to implement.
The application of this rule is necessary because giving the farmers the obligation on their interest would yield better results towards protecting soil from being eroded. Educating farmers are important because for any change to take place there must be intellectual emphasis so as to make any change (Beatley, 1994). We have done environmental conservation trivial while attempting to make it easy. From the study of this land ethic policy, farmers should strive to conserve the environment by implementing all the pending policies

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