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Just and Unjust Wars: Human Nature

Surname1 Name Professor Course Date Just and Unjust Wars What individuals consider inhumanity conventionally is in most cases humanity under pressure in war. Through war, it is possible to understand the nature of human beings. War is a place where individuals commit atrocities m with or without rules. The realists often perceive acts of war as fair in all cases and justified by all means regardless of the laws violated by the participants of the war. Nothing is considered unfair during a war, and hence, rules and laws should not...
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Free or Fair Type of Trade

Surname 7 Free or fair type of trade Name Institution Professor Course Date Introduction Fair trade can be defined as the business transaction in which the producers are paid for the products they produce locally and sell them to the processing companies and get essentials of life in return. On the other hand, free trade involves the sale of goods and services in-between countries without strict imposition of tariffs, duties or quotas. Each type has specific laid down principles that guide the participants through the process. They also implicate the...
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New Belgium Brewing Company: Working on an Environmental Issue

Surname 1 Name Professor Course Date New Belgium Brewing Company What environmental issue does the new Belgium brewing company work to address? The New Belgium Brewing Company seeks to address several environmental issues. Among these issues are air pollution and soil pollution. The company addresses the issue of energy-saving and cost-efficient options in its brewing operations to diminish a negative impact on the environment. NBB deals with the issue of solid waste dumping. As a major brewing company, it normally generates a lot of waste products such as spent grains...
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Medical Treatment: Forced Medical Treatment

Running head: FORCED MEDICAL TREATMENT 1 FORCED MEDICAL TREATMENT 5 FORCED MEDICAL TREATMENT Name Instructor Institution Course Date FORCED MEDICAL TREATMENT Medical treatment is a basic human right, and everybody should get access to it without bias. However in today’s society, there are many beliefs and cultures and some of these do not encourage while others even restrict treatment in modern hospitals opting for alternative methods of treatment. The main issue, therefore, arises on whether the government should intervene and force an individual to receive medical treatment whether they want...
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Case Analysis on Child Labor

Surname 1 NameProfessorCourseDateCase analysis on child laborThe issue of child labor is mostly common in the rural areas where there is under development in terms of education. As a result of this, some of the companies find it easier to rely on labor provided by children as compared to using machines. This is because use of machines translates to very high costs involved in production. Taking moral and ethical issues into consideration, child labor violates them and hence should be stopped. Each and every child has a right to provision...
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Google Company in the Market of the Republic of China

Surname 12 Name Tutor Course Date Google in China Google Company is widely known for its internet service provision services. The ability of the company to provide esteemed services to its customers has seen to it the expansion of the company to many parts of the world. In 2000, the Google Company entered the Republic of China by developing a version of Google search engine that made use of Chinese language. Though the home page was based in the United States of America, Chinese citizens could make a request from...
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Business Ethics: An Ethical Issue

Running Head: BUSINESS ETHICS 1 BUSINESS ETHICS 4 1. The ethical issue presented in the case above is utilitarianism (Consequentialism) where the morality of the ethical concern is judged based on the action that impacts the greatest good for the great number. The moral choice is dictated by facts and effects instead of absolute rules. The main focus in this case is cost-benefit analysis. Paid pledges are just a third of the accrued benefits. 2. a). Kotchian decision to pay the stated amount was weighed with the benefits of the...
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Employee Case Study: Why Would Allen Lopez Continue to Work at Extremenet?

Running Head: ETHICS 1 ETHICS 4 Employee case study Name Institution Professor Course Date As a leader, I would have allowed Allen Lopez to continue working for ExtremeNet. To start with, Allen Lopez did not do something wrong to a point that he deserved to be fired. Discrimination is not allowed at all in any firm. However, this had been the case with ExtremeNet for quite a long period of time. This was due to the low levels of production experienced at times when market demand was low compared to...
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Flooding of Coast, Caused by Global Warming

Running head: ENVIRONMENTAL ETHICS ENVIRONMENTAL ETHICS Environmental Ethics Name Professor Course Institution Date Flooding of Coast, Caused by Global Warming. Flooding in the coast has been as a result of the change of climate. Due to environment destruction, the rain seasons have changed. To curb this problem we can apply some land ethic behaviors that we can use to control this change (Beatley, 1994). One of the grounds ethical behaviors is to apply The Ecological Conscience ethic measure. This land ethic can be used to promote environment conservation to create...
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Problems That Led to the Failure of the Insurance Company Hih

RUNNING HEAD: HIH INSURANCE COMPANY 1 HIH INSURANCE 3 HIH INSURANCE COMPANY INSTITUTION PROFESSOR NAME DATE Table of contents Executive summary 3 Issues 3 Facts 3 Ethical dilemmas 4 Ethical issues that led to the HIH Corporate collapse 4 Various issues 5 Apes 110 Code of Ethics in relation to HIH insurance company 7 Corporate Governance 8 Conclusion 8 Recommendations 9 Possible solutions 9 References 11 HIH INSURANCE COMPANY Executive Summary This report gives an analysis and evaluation of Ethical issues that led to the collapse of HIH insurance company....
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