Employee Case Study: Why Would Allen Lopez Continue to Work at Extremenet?

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Employee case study

As a leader, I would have allowed Allen Lopez to continue working for ExtremeNet. To start with, Allen Lopez did not do something wrong to a point that he deserved to be fired. Discrimination is not allowed at all in any firm. However, this had been the case with ExtremeNet for quite a long period of time. This was due to the low levels of production experienced at times when market demand was low compared to the workforce available for production. In attempts to make sure that the amount of profit made went together with the amounts paid to employees facilitating production. ExtremeNet later came to realize that they were incurring lots of losses in terms of wages and salaries paid to employees. The firm responded to this by reducing the number of days worked by each employee. According to theory of utilitarianism, a person is supposed to consider a particular action as either right or wrong by considering the number of people it makes happy. In this context, employees were happy with the course of action (Ferrell & Fraedrich, 2014). This is so because the actions of Allen Lopez are mainly aimed at defending their rights. On the other hand, the management team in ExtremeNet would not be happy. First it exposes the issues going on in their organizational setting. To them Allen Lopez is not a loyal employee. As a leader though, I would consider the fact this action made a very large number of people happy and hence Allen Lopez was right.
ExtremeNet should make sure that this website has been removed from the worldwide web. First of all, Allen Lopez did not remain loyal to his employers when he decided to expose information in the form of a website. According to Ferrell & Fraedrich, (2014), staying loyal to your employer as well as keeping the information of your firm secretly are core issue which every employee is supposed to take into consideration. Since the privacy ExtremeNet has already been leaked out, the company should hence look for a way preventing it from spreading further. The only better way would be removal of the website from worldwide web.
In coming up with a final decision, the impact brought in on both sides should be looked at. This is in order to make sure that the decision made best suits the interests of the two parties involved. In order to make sure that a stronger relationship is once again built between Allen Lopez and the company, the rights of both parties should be taken into consideration. In order to make sure that Allen Lopez is not affected negatively, I am supposed make sure that all ExtremeNet employees are given the same type of treatment. Employees right in addition have to be followed as this will translate into complete satisfaction of all the employees. Privacy of a firm is more important than any individual person associated with that firm (De George, 2011). Its privacy hence should be prioritized first before all other things are considered. The employees thus are supposed to respect ExtremeNet as their employers by staying loyal.
The relationship between ExtremeNet and some of its employees for instance Allen Lopez can be repaired first by creating an environment which is conducive to all employees. This will make them acquire that feeling of being at home. In such an environment, employees will feel comfortable and hence willing to serve their employer. Motivation of employees is another major way of creating successful relationships between employers and employees. Motivation for instance might be through a way of increasing salaries for their employees (De George, 2011). The management team in addition should strive to make sure market demand of their products is increased and through this, laying off workers will be avoided.

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