Case Study of Disability in the Elderly

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Case Study


1. Is Mr. Bennett capable or not, can he let him live at risk?
No. Mr. Bennett is not capable of doing the house chores well since he is old, weak, and blurred vision.
Mr. Bennett is all lonely in his home therefore he is undergoing a lot as per his old age. He is also likely to face some risks. For example starving if maybe the food is not supplied in time, risk of falling and breaking his hand or leg maybe. I really believe that Mr. Bennett needs close attention and someone to help him clean the house and do the other jobs in the house.
Mr. Bennett believes that he is able to do everything all alone. To my opinion this patient is not able to do all this without the walking sticks and he is old so he needs someone to help and take care of him most probably his niece. I would really help in cleaning the house but he declined my opinion which I think his decision was wrong. With this age I prefer and I also advised him to move to a Retirement Home or Long Term Facility, so he will be safe.
I believe that his decision is really wrong for he will be at a great risk. By this way I don’t support him on his decision therefore I would advise his niece to either stay with him or take him to the retirement home. From my knowledge and skills, my ethical action will really help Mr. Bennett. And am sure with this action his niece will support me. By this action, I will be acting according to the CNA Code of Ethics for Registered Nurses by which any reasonably prudent nurse would do the same.

2. Can, and how can he forced to leave him his home?
Yes he can be forced to move his home and join the retirement homes for him to be safer.
Since his niece is much concerned with Mr. Bennett, the only possible way is to talk to his niece and share to the niece the problems Mr. Bennett has been encountering. My belief is that at his age he should be having people around to help him in different ways. Therefore my opinion that he should move to retirement homes where he will be supported. Although the difference in values would lead to conflicts, it’s of much benefit to leave his home.
Mr. Bennett expects to stay at his home without any help from anyone. He also thinks that staying at his home will be the best but my opinion for him leaving to retirement home will really help him at his old age. As well, other care providers think that people at their old age should have people close to them who readily provide help when in need. Mr. Bennett may be in one way or the other be affected after leaving his home. That is, leaving his two adorable cats.
Also if he doesn’t listen to his niece to leave, then in collaboration with the government officials we would make him to leave for his good. I believe that’s the best action although I will not be acting according to CNA Code of Ethics for Registered Nurses and also I will not be supporting his opinion. With that my moral courage am assured most of the people will support my decision since I can’t tolerate seeing Mr. Bennett suffering when I can readily help. Also by doing this I will not be questionable to the niece.

3. His niece was so angry when he left the client. Is his niece correct?
Yes the niece was absolutely correct. The client is experiencing much of problems so he should not have been left.
Mr. Bennett was experiencing much in the home alone. For example, he admits that he has trouble cleaning the kitty litter, the house is also smelling rat feces and urine which is unhealthy and risk of some deadly diseases due to unhygienic. Moreover, the niece is correct when she says that something terrible might happen to him. That is either falling and breaking or even starving alone in the house. In this case, the Nurse was significant in this care situation therefore he should have made a decision before leaving the clients house.
The values in the CNA Code of Ethics for Registered Nurses is that you provide the possible solutions to the client before leaving him. Here, the Nurse was right that he tried to help Mr. Bennett clean the house but he refused. The Nurse should have gone to an extend of cleaning the house and ensuring that he takes him to the retirement homes. By this action, he will not have shown the care situation as suggested in the CNA Code of Ethics for Registered Nurses but it will really be a good decision and many people will like it.
I would second the niece in this case that the best action would be taking him to retirement homes. The outcomes here will be really acceptable since he will be taken care of and he will not be affected in any way. Moreover, the risks that might accompany him if he stayed alone in that home were minimized and the good maximized.

1. Nurse Sandra believes that people have right to determine their own weight however Cassandra’s weight lost , is threatening her health and if not stopped , lead to death .

Here the relationship is between food eaten and weight gained. Nurse Sandra is right in her opinion that people have the right to determine their own weight. However as a nurse she has to follow the decisions of Cassandra’s parents. Nurse Sandra doesn’t really believe that privileges can cause weight loss.
Since Cassandra’s health is threatening she has to do what she thinks is best even if it means going against CNA Code of Ethics for Registered Nurses so as to save the patient’s life. Cassandra’s family expects that if she forgoes all the privileges and eats more food she will add more weight. From my opinion, all Cassandra needs is company from the right people and more parental love but refusing her from using phone and watching TV want really help.
The Nurse in this case also seems to support Cassandra’s family because she has a keen eye on Cassandra even when in the this value, Nurse Sandra does not seem to act according to CNA Code of Ethics for Registered Nurses. She is also lacking the care and compassion for patients. Due to the will of the family, it seems every other Nurse would do the same to satisfy their parent’s desire.

2. Nonetheless, she hates to see patients forced into accepting the unit’s treatment plan or into gaining weight. While she agrees that Cassandra has serious emotional and, perhaps, psychological problems that complicate her treatment for anorexia nervosa, she dislikes treating patients harshly in order to make them “well”.

Here the Nurses have to do according to decisions of the patient’s family members but not according to CNA Code of Ethics for Registered Nurses. That is well seen when Nurse Sandra says that she hates to see patients forced in to accepting the unit’s treatment plan or gaining weight.
The Nurses in such a situation should be responsible of how the patient should be handled according to CNA Code of Ethics for Registered Nurses. Of such methods are applied the patient will recover quickly. According to medical status of Cassandra she has to agree to do what is necessary even if it means going against the Code of Ethics and save her life.
Treating patients harshly is not the key to their recovery but it may lead to depression therefore leading ton more weight loss. Using the right criteria for treatment and giving the patients what makes them happy I think it’s the most perfect way the can easily recover.

1. Dr. Graham claimed that the fetus was really just” a pieces of tissue” and not really human life. Thus, nothing morally wrong with performing abortions early in pregnancy. While Mrs. Phelps stated that her religious and moral beliefs did not allow her to participate in an abortion. Dr. Graham, stalked angrily down the hallway claiming it was a sad day for a patients when nurses decided they would not provide needed care, when Mrs. Phelps declined.
Please give your opinion about Dr. Graham concept and reactions regarding abortion and your opinions about Mrs. Phelps, disagreeing assisting the abortion procedure because this is against her belief.

Dr. Graham is not acting according to CNA Code of Ethics for Registered Nurses. First he is lacking the care for patients and also talking harshly before the patient.
To my opinion, Dr. Graham lacks the right tone to speak to and before patients and also he lacks that compassionate for patients. For example when he says that “Do you think I have all day to wait while the nursing staff puts its moralism and emotions in order? Everyone-the patient, the fetus, and the community=will be better off not having to deal with one more illegitimate child requiring public support.” In addition, he does not belief that aborting a fetus is wrong and against the law. For example by his expression against the fetus he does not seem to understand that he is taking away a life as he compares the fetus to “pieces of tissue.” Again he believes that aborting at early stages of pregnancy is not morally wrong. According to me, abortion is killing therefore it is wrong regardless of when it is done.
According to Mrs. Phelps, she believes that aborting is killing therefore declining to assist the patient to abort. We also see this virtue in her in that, she prepares the patient for abortion but refuses to go ahead and help the teenager to abort. According to my opinion here, Mrs. Phelps made a good decision because killing is a sin and also a crime. Also she stands by her decision. This is seen after Dr. Graham angrily stalked down the hallway she does not help in aborting the baby because her religion does not allow and also she views it wrong to do so.

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